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The Right Answers and How to Use Them

Is IM research harder than doing a paper for school?

When doing a paper for school some professors have done their own research and have what I call a canned agenda. They know what to expect for answers from you.  They also expect you to use their references which makes their job easier when correcting papers.  In some business management classes things are changing constantly and thanks to the internet they are changing at lightning speeds as new technology is developed daily.  Things like Business Calculus, Accounting and basic Management will not change much as far as their basic principles.  My answer to this question is YES.


When you have exhausted all of your resources including the school’s library, since it is included in your tuition, you must ask the professor.  In the IM world if you buy a product with all of the best resources at your finger tips you cannot contact the teacher.  You can reach an assistant or a reference page but you never get to talk to the person you bought the product from.  They have a good reason.  Your questions are boringly repetitious.  That is why when entering the IM world through a great product you must do what’s suggested by your teacher and ignore the onslaught of his obligation to peers and affiliates.  When finally making my decision to move into a $300.00 per unit product launch I should have stuck with my product but found my teacher’s peers too compelling to resist for free, what seemed to far better product as dated as some of it was.  Ignore what it will be like when your a success enough to give  back.  It is OK to dream but get real.  Think of the first product you developed bringing in $10.00 a day and when that is up and running do it again.

The best advise I got was from several Guru’s and including my wife.

1. Stop buying stuff.

2. Who ever you decide to be your mentor, teacher or Guru stick to their program.

I read about and saw video of people who spent tons of money to find out what I just told you.  I have done a quick calculation in my head and to date this year in the past six months I have spent $1500.00 more or maybe less.  I keep seeing products that are very compelling but $1500.00 is way out of my pocket.  I cannot afford $1500.00 a year on my minimum fixed income without putting my total income in jeopardy while trying to increase it.

Remember your primary goal is solve a problem for your CUSTOMER!


How My Trust In Technology Gave My Dog Three Extra Months

As the anniversary of my dog Stumpy’s death nears my thoughts of him grow.  He was a good boy he was the only member of my family that gave me the most respect.  He was the omen for my home, my first home.  When I believed in God the way everyone else does, I prayed if he let the deal on my house go through I would take Stumpy off the hands of a coworker that was going to put him to sleep.

11 years later what started out as a limp turned out to be the end of his normal functions.  He walked in circles for most of the day and was not responsive to us.

I sent an email to a Vet that makes house calls and said to myself when this Vet calls us we’ll put our boy down.  That call was in October and Stumpy was not getting any better we corralled him off in one room where he walked in clockwise circles.  He could not hear or see but had an instinct to eat and poop.  He would go anywhere any time we loved him to much to watch him suffer and to much to put him down.

In December my daughter was having troubles and decided to move in with us until she straightened out what ever problems she had.  She had just got a new puppy herself so it was quite an experience having a puppy with too much energy and a dog who needed to be put down.   We were waiting for the Vet to call us I gave him all the information in the email.

My daughter had experienced the loss of two dogs herself who were put down by the same Vet.  She knew Stumpy was part of the family but also knew what we did not want to admit and that was it was time to put him down.

When the Vet arrived he could see Stumpy was suffering and soon after he was finally at rest,

I asked the Vet if he got my email?

The Vet said, “Email…oh I don’t even know my password.”

What Makes Me Click ?

Even though David Duchovny and I share a similar addiction my real personal stuff is not going to be on this blog.   I know about AA but my addiction is not alcohol or substance abuse but could go under the internet addiction category.

In my early computer life, keep in mind building computers was a hobby, while others looked for cheap video games I was into finding the best Word Processor software.  Back then most Word Processor software sucked but that’s what I looked for at computer shows.  Hardware was my main reason for going to computer shows.  In the early days of IBM, companies who used IBM computers used their recommended software.  This is how I introduced myself to Ami Pro by Lotus.  I bought the software through a friend for $70.00 at work whose wife worked for Lotus in their factory in North Reading MA.

I used Ami Pro mainly because  it was used by most companies who invested in computers to run their business at that time.  I figured I could become a writer like Stephen King while I worked as an Electronic Technician.  This is definitely showing my age because Microsoft Windows was just becoming an industry standard as it is now and eventually I converted to Microsoft Word while having tons of my journal entries written in Ami Pro.   I would still be using Ami Pro today but one of the 27 floppy disk failed when re-installing it on a new system.  I had the latest version on CD but it would not install without the full version installed first.  Yes I did try dealing with their customer support but Lotus was having bigger problems than serving my needs.

What the heck does that have to do with what makes me click?

Writing Copy and using the Internet as a tool!

In the Morning I check my email and respond when I see Something Of Value.

This morning I got an email from Jeff Walker whose copy almost made me fall off of my chair as I laughed hysterically.

You know what happened next?

That’s right, It Made Me Click!

The reason for my laughter?  The link in the email I clicked on was expected but not from Jeff Walker.  If I didn’t add a Guru or two on my no send list I would have gotten more great copy as I do and did get what I expect.   Keep reading… it’s my goal to make you happy for stopping here. I thought he was giving me a swipe file.  He charges so much for his stuff I take what I can when I can.  He is great but not enough for me to invest that much, in.  I have gotten free IM products that blows away anything he does with a lot less chatting.  If I want chatter I’ll go back to UMass.  I pay big bucks for that.  If these guys are going to get you for the long term they have to show you the meat.  I have lots of meat from the Gurus and like I always say, “Don’t be like me and do nothing.”

Keep an eye on this blog because I will be using a method a Guru showed me on how to get motivated and it has lots to do with Marketing Copy.

Here They Come!!!

I know yesterday’s entry sucked!

Why do the good Gurus (Dorus) actually think they can get a grand and a half out of you?

You bought  their least expensive but most useful product, right?

Why then ?

They just know they can!

It is not an outsourced source who has access to the Guru’s list or has not done their job.

They just know the numbers.

They know you want to succeed and 90% will fail.  Only a certain % of you will try to get your refund because they know PRIDE and how it works.  They know you’re not going to run to your laid off buddies saying that program sucked because you’re convinced it was you that failed.  These Gurus put that your fault thing in there as a fail-safe to divert the blame so you keep the product.  After reading thousands of email copy I know who will survive and who will not.

Does anyone have the stats on the lay-off numbers joining the IM world? (hint someone should check) The number of new lay-of-fee’s just went up 50,000.  How many will be Rock Bottom candidates for programs that will guarantee income setting them back Only $1500.00?

I got laid off back in 1995 and it was not a good time to get into IM.  I was online with a cable connection and wish I knew then what I know now.  I do not remember being charged $1500.00 when I was hired to help the company I worked in for 23 years but I sure did get a great severance package when laid off.   Do you lay-of-fee’s have a severance package?  If you do You should invest it in an IM Guru.  They do not need your money they just want to make sure you’re committed.  No need to worry they’re guaranteed if you opt out within 30 days they gladly refund your money.

Don’t be like me and do nothing.

I like writing this stuff because I can be serious and sarcastic at the same.

I will be running a business come the first of the year using the Internet as a tool.  I’ll be going back to the drawing board thinking business, not of how nice it will be when I buy my yacht.  I’ll be taking a real close look at what my ROI is.  I did not spend thousands on what I know about the internet…wait a minute I did spend thousands on my college education which is approximately  1500.00 per class per semester at four classes each at 12,000.00 per year?   Mommy and daddy are not going to pay this I am the daddy.  I would love to be on a Guru’s payroll for the experience…wait another minute I do have the ability to be on their payroll and have got a ton of experience from them so sort of I am on their payroll or will be. This will be explained in future entries.

I just have to get over this partial dyslexia get off my but and just do it.

Internet Marketing What?

How do they do it?

I have to talk about the Gurus and the Dorus once again.  I have learned so much these past few months of course it is way too much to remember it all.   I have seen the ru’s, either or, do what I call lack of follow through.  I got a reason to why I have failed at the IM game so far but not exactly.   I see ru’s leave out comments that are not exactly rated X just not put it because it is the truth.  One of my favorite Guru’s puts his own comment’s in under different names but you can hear it is  him by what is written.

This is me!

If you are walking down the street in your new clothes that you made but they are invisible as thousands are raving how nice they are I to will say they are nice because without credibility how can I criticize.  Even though I know they will not listen because the crowd never said anything so to criticize would fall on deaf ears.

I Do Not Want to Be Negative

I know yesterday’s post sounded a bit negative.

That is not me!

I was trying to say how frustrating it is to start a business online and finding straight answers. I know I am why, I am not a success. We get in our own way some times, other times it is what goes on in our lives that stops us from gaining the rewards of success. I know my decision on the product I chose was the best of the Doru’s and I’ll keep using that description until someone calls me on it. I could be doing well if I was not watching what others do and stuck to the old adage,“Do as I say not what I do.”

I’m a Maverick. I would have my degree right now if it were not for my taking classes I preferred instead of what I needed for the assigned format of a Marketing degree. I did not know how to put that sentence any clearer.

Yesterday’s entry took several hours. This one is going a lot smoother because the truth has to be well thought out before it is written as was the case with yesterday’s entry. Unlike my personal journal that I keep it is not going to be read by the public; although I would love to put it here but friends and family might not agree on what my version verses their ‘s of the truth. Just as the IM people I have been seeing lately they have their version of the truth which varies.

It irks me how the product launch I bought into has more resourcefulness than most of them out there now. Brings me back to another analogy: The Three Puzzle Analogy which I take no credit for and anyone reading this please tell me where it came from it is the best way to put it. IM is like having three different puzzles with 500 pieces each that all look similar but they are not the same but they are all in the same box without a picture to build it with. Sound challenging? Got it? Just do it!

No I will not be more specific that that. I am going to build all three puzzles with or without the help of the Gurus and Dorus. One thing that should be clear is when I put the puzzles together it will be a step by step process which will be given to the public totally be free. I am sure I can find something that will pay me back so that I can afford to give back. I can not give back what I do not have.

Looking for all of the answers in all the wrong places

Wanted to be an online business by September of 2008.

Who have I been listening to the Guru’s or Doru’s ?

Thought I knew my marketing.

Thought I was a natural Marketer.

Thought I could find someone to trust and guide me.

Have been let down, used and abused.

They did not want my money they just wanted to help.

They took my money.

They did not help.

What two very important thing did I learn?

1. You have to have a business first.

2. Then you go on line.

I am sorry I have not hit rock bottom.  I guess my survival instincts are not the same as being aware of being taken.  Sorry I did not want to loose the little I have so I could hit rock bottom.  I just wanted to start a business online. “Should I take a chance on investing the limit of this credit card on a guy who looks like he smells while walking bare foot across a stage at a $10,000.00 per person seminar?”  How about a guy who stops in the middle of presentation to take a swig off of a quart bottle of Jack Daniels?  That is OK because one of the sponsoring Guru’s reminds the $10,000.00 per person paying audience. “He is a millionaire.”

I Googled “Information Overload” the other day after realizing that this is too much… thinking I should write something to help out other folks like me who now know  it is a good time to start a business.  I found some good advice.  I got similar advice from my frugal wife along with a few of my minimally invested business mentors.  I was advised to stop buying anyone else’s stuff.  They also said I would be better off following one Guru I bought stuff from.

I invested in a very resourceful program by someone who Sold me their program with thee very well done videos thinking this should do the trick.  If I had a Brick and Mortar business I would be making $20,000.00 per month right now just from the internet!

What happens without B&M Business?

In my research taking all the free advise I could on building an online business which I did not have I then figured what is wrong with building the foundation to my empire by building a quality list of peers form school, old friends, family and marketing associates without jamming marketing stuff down their throats.

Myspace was my first adventure that my daughter turned me onto, then there was Facebook which was the better of those two experiences.   When I joined Twitter this is when the Jealousy and tsunami hit.

My adventure started as a result of earlier in the Spring semester at school in my Online Marketing E-commerce class learning about how to start a Google Adwords Campaign as my class was in an International competition.  Outside of class I was also getting PDF books telling me how to succeed in a Google Adwords Campaign.  When the semester was over I realized this is what I want to do.  Since June 2006 I had been a member of an Internet marketing group.  I accumulated a list of IM News letters who told me about others in the IM business.

What a frikin Bargain! I looked at one of these great programs that was run by Doru’s but beyond my credit limit.  Then there was the guy with three video’s who is a Doru.  A Doru I was following on Twitter where I learned he was on vacation with daily updates.  A Doru is a person who actually does what he/she is teaching you to do.  The one thing I wish was in the three FREE videos was how to launch a product while on vacation in Greece.  This got me jealous and pissed while waiting over a month and half for something that was all ready made.  Then two of his associates decided to send thousands of dollars worth of high quality IM information stuff to me for almost free way before his stuff got here.  These guys walked on water in my eyes but one was a Guru the other was DoruTwo out of three aint bad.