Looking for all of the answers in all the wrong places

Wanted to be an online business by September of 2008.

Who have I been listening to the Guru’s or Doru’s ?

Thought I knew my marketing.

Thought I was a natural Marketer.

Thought I could find someone to trust and guide me.

Have been let down, used and abused.

They did not want my money they just wanted to help.

They took my money.

They did not help.

What two very important thing did I learn?

1. You have to have a business first.

2. Then you go on line.

I am sorry I have not hit rock bottom.  I guess my survival instincts are not the same as being aware of being taken.  Sorry I did not want to loose the little I have so I could hit rock bottom.  I just wanted to start a business online. “Should I take a chance on investing the limit of this credit card on a guy who looks like he smells while walking bare foot across a stage at a $10,000.00 per person seminar?”  How about a guy who stops in the middle of presentation to take a swig off of a quart bottle of Jack Daniels?  That is OK because one of the sponsoring Guru’s reminds the $10,000.00 per person paying audience. “He is a millionaire.”

I Googled “Information Overload” the other day after realizing that this is too much… thinking I should write something to help out other folks like me who now know  it is a good time to start a business.  I found some good advice.  I got similar advice from my frugal wife along with a few of my minimally invested business mentors.  I was advised to stop buying anyone else’s stuff.  They also said I would be better off following one Guru I bought stuff from.

I invested in a very resourceful program by someone who Sold me their program with thee very well done videos thinking this should do the trick.  If I had a Brick and Mortar business I would be making $20,000.00 per month right now just from the internet!

What happens without B&M Business?

In my research taking all the free advise I could on building an online business which I did not have I then figured what is wrong with building the foundation to my empire by building a quality list of peers form school, old friends, family and marketing associates without jamming marketing stuff down their throats.

Myspace was my first adventure that my daughter turned me onto, then there was Facebook which was the better of those two experiences.   When I joined Twitter this is when the Jealousy and tsunami hit.

My adventure started as a result of earlier in the Spring semester at school in my Online Marketing E-commerce class learning about how to start a Google Adwords Campaign as my class was in an International competition.  Outside of class I was also getting PDF books telling me how to succeed in a Google Adwords Campaign.  When the semester was over I realized this is what I want to do.  Since June 2006 I had been a member of an Internet marketing group.  I accumulated a list of IM News letters who told me about others in the IM business.

What a frikin Bargain! I looked at one of these great programs that was run by Doru’s but beyond my credit limit.  Then there was the guy with three video’s who is a Doru.  A Doru I was following on Twitter where I learned he was on vacation with daily updates.  A Doru is a person who actually does what he/she is teaching you to do.  The one thing I wish was in the three FREE videos was how to launch a product while on vacation in Greece.  This got me jealous and pissed while waiting over a month and half for something that was all ready made.  Then two of his associates decided to send thousands of dollars worth of high quality IM information stuff to me for almost free way before his stuff got here.  These guys walked on water in my eyes but one was a Guru the other was DoruTwo out of three aint bad.


2 responses to “Looking for all of the answers in all the wrong places

  1. Sounds like you had quite a bad experience with the drunk on the stage. Sad to hear. Good luck with your marketing campaign. I like your writing style. I also like the picture on top of your blog.

  2. I know I’m not alone.

    I took the Boston Skyline picture from Winthrop MA.

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