I Do Not Want to Be Negative

I know yesterday’s post sounded a bit negative.

That is not me!

I was trying to say how frustrating it is to start a business online and finding straight answers. I know I am why, I am not a success. We get in our own way some times, other times it is what goes on in our lives that stops us from gaining the rewards of success. I know my decision on the product I chose was the best of the Doru’s and I’ll keep using that description until someone calls me on it. I could be doing well if I was not watching what others do and stuck to the old adage,“Do as I say not what I do.”

I’m a Maverick. I would have my degree right now if it were not for my taking classes I preferred instead of what I needed for the assigned format of a Marketing degree. I did not know how to put that sentence any clearer.

Yesterday’s entry took several hours. This one is going a lot smoother because the truth has to be well thought out before it is written as was the case with yesterday’s entry. Unlike my personal journal that I keep it is not going to be read by the public; although I would love to put it here but friends and family might not agree on what my version verses their ‘s of the truth. Just as the IM people I have been seeing lately they have their version of the truth which varies.

It irks me how the product launch I bought into has more resourcefulness than most of them out there now. Brings me back to another analogy: The Three Puzzle Analogy which I take no credit for and anyone reading this please tell me where it came from it is the best way to put it. IM is like having three different puzzles with 500 pieces each that all look similar but they are not the same but they are all in the same box without a picture to build it with. Sound challenging? Got it? Just do it!

No I will not be more specific that that. I am going to build all three puzzles with or without the help of the Gurus and Dorus. One thing that should be clear is when I put the puzzles together it will be a step by step process which will be given to the public totally be free. I am sure I can find something that will pay me back so that I can afford to give back. I can not give back what I do not have.


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