Internet Marketing What?

How do they do it?

I have to talk about the Gurus and the Dorus once again.  I have learned so much these past few months of course it is way too much to remember it all.   I have seen the ru’s, either or, do what I call lack of follow through.  I got a reason to why I have failed at the IM game so far but not exactly.   I see ru’s leave out comments that are not exactly rated X just not put it because it is the truth.  One of my favorite Guru’s puts his own comment’s in under different names but you can hear it is  him by what is written.

This is me!

If you are walking down the street in your new clothes that you made but they are invisible as thousands are raving how nice they are I to will say they are nice because without credibility how can I criticize.  Even though I know they will not listen because the crowd never said anything so to criticize would fall on deaf ears.


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