Here They Come!!!

I know yesterday’s entry sucked!

Why do the good Gurus (Dorus) actually think they can get a grand and a half out of you?

You bought  their least expensive but most useful product, right?

Why then ?

They just know they can!

It is not an outsourced source who has access to the Guru’s list or has not done their job.

They just know the numbers.

They know you want to succeed and 90% will fail.  Only a certain % of you will try to get your refund because they know PRIDE and how it works.  They know you’re not going to run to your laid off buddies saying that program sucked because you’re convinced it was you that failed.  These Gurus put that your fault thing in there as a fail-safe to divert the blame so you keep the product.  After reading thousands of email copy I know who will survive and who will not.

Does anyone have the stats on the lay-off numbers joining the IM world? (hint someone should check) The number of new lay-of-fee’s just went up 50,000.  How many will be Rock Bottom candidates for programs that will guarantee income setting them back Only $1500.00?

I got laid off back in 1995 and it was not a good time to get into IM.  I was online with a cable connection and wish I knew then what I know now.  I do not remember being charged $1500.00 when I was hired to help the company I worked in for 23 years but I sure did get a great severance package when laid off.   Do you lay-of-fee’s have a severance package?  If you do You should invest it in an IM Guru.  They do not need your money they just want to make sure you’re committed.  No need to worry they’re guaranteed if you opt out within 30 days they gladly refund your money.

Don’t be like me and do nothing.

I like writing this stuff because I can be serious and sarcastic at the same.

I will be running a business come the first of the year using the Internet as a tool.  I’ll be going back to the drawing board thinking business, not of how nice it will be when I buy my yacht.  I’ll be taking a real close look at what my ROI is.  I did not spend thousands on what I know about the internet…wait a minute I did spend thousands on my college education which is approximately  1500.00 per class per semester at four classes each at 12,000.00 per year?   Mommy and daddy are not going to pay this I am the daddy.  I would love to be on a Guru’s payroll for the experience…wait another minute I do have the ability to be on their payroll and have got a ton of experience from them so sort of I am on their payroll or will be. This will be explained in future entries.

I just have to get over this partial dyslexia get off my but and just do it.


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