What Makes Me Click ?

Even though David Duchovny and I share a similar addiction my real personal stuff is not going to be on this blog.   I know about AA but my addiction is not alcohol or substance abuse but could go under the internet addiction category.

In my early computer life, keep in mind building computers was a hobby, while others looked for cheap video games I was into finding the best Word Processor software.  Back then most Word Processor software sucked but that’s what I looked for at computer shows.  Hardware was my main reason for going to computer shows.  In the early days of IBM, companies who used IBM computers used their recommended software.  This is how I introduced myself to Ami Pro by Lotus.  I bought the software through a friend for $70.00 at work whose wife worked for Lotus in their factory in North Reading MA.

I used Ami Pro mainly because  it was used by most companies who invested in computers to run their business at that time.  I figured I could become a writer like Stephen King while I worked as an Electronic Technician.  This is definitely showing my age because Microsoft Windows was just becoming an industry standard as it is now and eventually I converted to Microsoft Word while having tons of my journal entries written in Ami Pro.   I would still be using Ami Pro today but one of the 27 floppy disk failed when re-installing it on a new system.  I had the latest version on CD but it would not install without the full version installed first.  Yes I did try dealing with their customer support but Lotus was having bigger problems than serving my needs.

What the heck does that have to do with what makes me click?

Writing Copy and using the Internet as a tool!

In the Morning I check my email and respond when I see Something Of Value.

This morning I got an email from Jeff Walker whose copy almost made me fall off of my chair as I laughed hysterically.

You know what happened next?

That’s right, It Made Me Click!

The reason for my laughter?  The link in the email I clicked on was expected but not from Jeff Walker.  If I didn’t add a Guru or two on my no send list I would have gotten more great copy as I do and did get what I expect.   Keep reading… it’s my goal to make you happy for stopping here. I thought he was giving me a swipe file.  He charges so much for his stuff I take what I can when I can.  He is great but not enough for me to invest that much, in.  I have gotten free IM products that blows away anything he does with a lot less chatting.  If I want chatter I’ll go back to UMass.  I pay big bucks for that.  If these guys are going to get you for the long term they have to show you the meat.  I have lots of meat from the Gurus and like I always say, “Don’t be like me and do nothing.”

Keep an eye on this blog because I will be using a method a Guru showed me on how to get motivated and it has lots to do with Marketing Copy.


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