How My Trust In Technology Gave My Dog Three Extra Months

As the anniversary of my dog Stumpy’s death nears my thoughts of him grow.  He was a good boy he was the only member of my family that gave me the most respect.  He was the omen for my home, my first home.  When I believed in God the way everyone else does, I prayed if he let the deal on my house go through I would take Stumpy off the hands of a coworker that was going to put him to sleep.

11 years later what started out as a limp turned out to be the end of his normal functions.  He walked in circles for most of the day and was not responsive to us.

I sent an email to a Vet that makes house calls and said to myself when this Vet calls us we’ll put our boy down.  That call was in October and Stumpy was not getting any better we corralled him off in one room where he walked in clockwise circles.  He could not hear or see but had an instinct to eat and poop.  He would go anywhere any time we loved him to much to watch him suffer and to much to put him down.

In December my daughter was having troubles and decided to move in with us until she straightened out what ever problems she had.  She had just got a new puppy herself so it was quite an experience having a puppy with too much energy and a dog who needed to be put down.   We were waiting for the Vet to call us I gave him all the information in the email.

My daughter had experienced the loss of two dogs herself who were put down by the same Vet.  She knew Stumpy was part of the family but also knew what we did not want to admit and that was it was time to put him down.

When the Vet arrived he could see Stumpy was suffering and soon after he was finally at rest,

I asked the Vet if he got my email?

The Vet said, “Email…oh I don’t even know my password.”


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