The Right Answers and How to Use Them

Is IM research harder than doing a paper for school?

When doing a paper for school some professors have done their own research and have what I call a canned agenda. They know what to expect for answers from you.  They also expect you to use their references which makes their job easier when correcting papers.  In some business management classes things are changing constantly and thanks to the internet they are changing at lightning speeds as new technology is developed daily.  Things like Business Calculus, Accounting and basic Management will not change much as far as their basic principles.  My answer to this question is YES.


When you have exhausted all of your resources including the school’s library, since it is included in your tuition, you must ask the professor.  In the IM world if you buy a product with all of the best resources at your finger tips you cannot contact the teacher.  You can reach an assistant or a reference page but you never get to talk to the person you bought the product from.  They have a good reason.  Your questions are boringly repetitious.  That is why when entering the IM world through a great product you must do what’s suggested by your teacher and ignore the onslaught of his obligation to peers and affiliates.  When finally making my decision to move into a $300.00 per unit product launch I should have stuck with my product but found my teacher’s peers too compelling to resist for free, what seemed to far better product as dated as some of it was.  Ignore what it will be like when your a success enough to give  back.  It is OK to dream but get real.  Think of the first product you developed bringing in $10.00 a day and when that is up and running do it again.

The best advise I got was from several Guru’s and including my wife.

1. Stop buying stuff.

2. Who ever you decide to be your mentor, teacher or Guru stick to their program.

I read about and saw video of people who spent tons of money to find out what I just told you.  I have done a quick calculation in my head and to date this year in the past six months I have spent $1500.00 more or maybe less.  I keep seeing products that are very compelling but $1500.00 is way out of my pocket.  I cannot afford $1500.00 a year on my minimum fixed income without putting my total income in jeopardy while trying to increase it.

Remember your primary goal is solve a problem for your CUSTOMER!


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