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No Refridgerator Since November 4, 2008

I know what a whining and complaining old fart!

Here’s my the day before Christmas sory.

In 2003 my daughter was in need of a new refrigerator because her landlord’s was piece of crap.

As parents with not much income to buy them a new one we decided to upgrade ours and gave my daughter our
twelve year old GE fridge.

It served its purpose for us  working well and still is today.

If you read anything  written by me then you know I  have
no faith in warranties But on November fourth  if  we had a five year warranty my new fridge would have been repaired for free.

But what the heck!

Hearing the motor running now makes me think, “Motor working, freezer freezing why does a bottle of water STILL feel like it came out of a cabinet instead of being thirst quenching cold?”

The First repair
was fast after seeing what is cost was a relief getting the final total on the bill.  It was low enough that the logic of buying a new fridge was not necessary.  We were inconvenienced by having to take all our food out of our freezer and then turning the fridge off for tow days.  The fridge worked through Thanksgiving then the problem came back.

The Second repair making sure the new technician had no interference doing what was needed I went in the other room to work until he was done.  He was talking out loud to himself quite a bit commenting on the first guys work leaving me with the same exact parts that first guy left.  He told me it should be OK in a few hours.  A few hours later the inside of the fridge was at cabinet temperature again.  I called the  service people who told me to wait 24 hours for the repair to take effect. In the meantime all I could think of was how the food will go bad again.

The Third repair was being done by the same guy that came the last time.  Thought for sure this was it! It gets fixed today.  NOT! I know that procrastinating is something for me to eliminate in “09” but does not make a difference to my fridge.  I called the service people who set up the appointments trying to get past the gatekeepers and talk to the boss of these guys.  All I got was someone will be there the day after Christmas.

Might have to think about a new fridge but it will not be
New GE.

Where is the Quality?

In spite of this burp in my life I’m hoping for a great holiday get together with my family.

An to anyone who should stop by Happy Holidays and Great New Year!


It’s Christmas Season Let’s Do A Product Launch

I am sitting here wondering what it is I should buy my family for Christmas.

On a fixed income what do I have extra to spend on my family?

I spent that all ready!

On what you ask?

On  lots of very inexpensive IM products.

They’re not working for me because I’m an idiot without an attention span and absolutely no FOCUS.

I signed up for product to help me with that.

Now my Christmas funds are depleted.

I did get a job offer from one IM company but lost the opportunity by moving that email from Outlook to Gmail to reply which tainted my response.

I know many who read this think I am just a whining little baby loser but… I have not hit Rock Bottom!

Why, does the core requirement have be starting from Rock Bottom?

All I want is to have some income not a hobby!

Why does one have to jump through hoops, climb mountains, and swim the English Channel  to find the couple of pieces to the 500 piece puzzle of the IM game.

I have to admit that I have turned this blog into my Sounding Board and sooner or later someone will tell me to stop the whining.

Being a Boomer I know what  a Value Added or a Non-Value Added real content filled product is.

I can tell you who the few Real Gurus are but the Ones that Are Not do not need my Negative Endorsement so they can use it to sell you a Ridiculously Over Priced course.

They say things like, “How much is that person that Criticised me making?

Of course it makes feel like crap but if they knew what I had to offer in return they would be knocking at my door, screw the tons of useless emails.

Boomers want Quality!

I thought it Stomped its way to me then it quietly crawled away!

Lately, like Guru profits they claim to double, triple and go up to five times…so have my emails!

With all of the product launches out now, Just in Time For Christmas I realize it has nothing to do with this country and the world being in a recession, that does not happen to them, it’s just that Gurus figure why spend that extra imaginary Money on foolish family presents when you can look smelly be overweight and make Millions!

This is the time to help others not because it’s Christmas because we are in a recession and everyone is looking to increase their income.

I don’t know about you but if I were making  the gobs of money these Gurus are claiming, I’d have a contest to win their  product totally free following through by showing them exactly how to use it like they did.

Don’t they call that PR?

Why give the product to someone (Guru) who does not need it because they all ready know how?

Why waste the product on a Guru who will just throw it on a shelf because they’re too busy running their own business?

That’s what confuses me about these very high priced product launches.

You know who their helping.

I guess they (Gurus) don’t know the internet is not srinking and there is nothing wrong with spredding the wealth.

Quality…Where Did It Go?

Being a boomer I’m seeing things have changed as far as quality in products from food to autos over the past forty years.

My 1992 Plymouth Voyager was my second new vehicle which was built with quality.

I drove that 12 year old Plymouth Voyager Mini-Van with 120,000 miles on it from Boston to California in the Summer of 2004, taking my first solo road trip on Route 66 which is about 1200 miles from Chicago to LA.

I never liked taking my van to the Dealership after getting screwed out of $600.00 the week before Christmas and learned you NEVER tell anyone at a Dealership you know about Auto Repair which was one of my very first Ventures I did part-time with a friend after work from my real job.

It was tempting to just grab the keys and run keeping  my cash while they sat there on the service desk because I knew my warranty covered what they repaired.

I did not have a credit card at that time so why I did not grab the keys and run  might have had something to do with an inability to run while at the same time it was the very reason I got ripped off.

What they did was Double Dipped which means they knew it was covered by the warranty and knew they were going to get paid by Chrysler;  so why not get some Christmas money from this crip?

Before going there I was convinced this was an honest dealership because they were a family run business and had  great TV commercials but that was a different department than the service area.

Lesson Learned!

I eventually needed more work done on my 1992 van and wanted quality without being screwed, you might have had a bad experience with these guys,  I took my van to Midas.

I built a relationship with the  Midas store in Saugus never feeling  screwed, compared to other nightmares I have heard about them, all my repairs were perfectly justified.

It is so hard to find quality these days as I found out buying a brand new 2005 Doge Caravan same thing as a Voyager different name only.  I would have bought a Voyager but they stopped making them.

My wife wanted me to have a new vehicle to go to school with not trusting my high quality made 12 years ago Voyager.

Why did I let this happen?

When I hear of bailouts for the Big three all I can think of is my 2005 Doge Caravan that was bought with options that I would have bought for my Voyager but were way out of pocket for me back in 1992 and I strongly think they should get what they deserveNothing!

My industry was downsized and outsourced,  if they cannot come up with a better product with quality, why shouldn’t theirs?

My 2005 Doge Caravan went through break pads with less than 10,000 miles on them which I suspect there was nothing really wrong with them in the first place except they were switched out making me think they went bad after taking it in because of a ongoing known problem with airbag sensor light that took 4 hours to repair?

It was the last straw in my relationship with this Chrysler Dealership in Malden.

Fix what’s wrong with  my van, don’t screw me.

They did anyway you know why?

Because now I am an older crip, which was two marks against me in their Customer Profile Manual on Who to Screw.

That set of pads went pretty fast to,  making me think “Midas” but ended up taking my van to my wife’s cousin who I trust, he is just too pricey for me and he knows I have mechanical background.

It’s The Quality!

Where did it go?

This Is Not An Emergency, So Why?

Today it is my turn to help out my brother in-law, maybe.

Ed is going to see his doctor today and I might be coming back without him.  He is a typical guy like I use to be before I accepted the fact I am limited to what I can do.  I can drive! I might be, because he is a typical guy, the one driving him to the west side of Boston.

The last time I took Ed to Boston it was in an Emergency.

You might know an Ed. I do not remember what I was doing at the time but I got a call from my wife saying that Ed couldn’t breathe.  She was crying on the phone!  Caroline and her sister were stuck in a traffic jam on Route 1 in Saugus which at the time was a long three lane parking lot.  I dropped what I was doing and was the first to arrive on the scene.  No idea how he got on the landing to open the door to his house but he did not look well.  He was having a tough time breathing.  I knew right then an there that this was an ambulance type of situation.  I was about to dial 911 when Ed said, “Don’t… if you call an ambulance I’ll lock the door and no one will get in.”  Does Ed sound like someone you know?

Who else did my wife call?

The next thing I know my niece, Ed’s step daughter, arrives on the scene with her daughter.  I’m thinking to my self, I might be a useless crippled guy but what are they doing here?  My niece got a similar call from my wife.  She grabbed her neighbor, who she never even spoke with before this night happened , for the ride over.

Who would arrive next?

My youngest daughter was next to arrive with her boyfriend and my grandson.  They got the crying call also.  At least someone was there, my daughter’s boyfriend,  to help Ed get into my vehicle.  I was counting on emergency personal at the hospital help him out of the vehicle.  My niece was taking the ride with her daughter.

Ed’s wife arrives!

Kenny helped  Ed into my vehicle after pulling it up to the stairs by going over the curb and part of the lawn.  After Ed was buckled in that’s when my wife and her sister pulled up joining our own little traffic jam.  Ed’s wife said she would take her granddaughter in my wife’s vehicle and meet us at the hospital.  Ed’s four year old  grandaugher was clueless to what was going on because nothing can hurt Papa.  I told my wife to grab my Garmin GPS device in case I would be coming home by myself.   It had not even sunk in what was happening as I was in, reaction mode.

On the way to the hospital.

My niece a twenty something for at least the next couple of years was sitting comfortably in the back of the vehicle making and receiving call after call keeping everyone informed of what was going on.  I guess there was a purpose for her being there though some of the calls I heard had noting to do with Ed.  I knew where I was going but not exactly.  When I first got my driving licensee my friends and I must have been on every street, alright almost every street in Boston.  We were on the other side of Fenway Park I knew that much at least after passing the Green Monster.  There were a lot of hospitals in this area.

We arrived at Ed’s Hospital.

Where were the Handicap parking spots I was counting on? I pulled up to an ambulance guy who was idly standing there doing nothing.  I explained that I was permanently disabled asking if he could help Ed into the ER?  He looked at me like I had two heads and no it was not a language thing obviously he  just was not about to help Ed into the ER.  My niece put her phone away deciding to help by running into the ER fetching a wheelchair.  Ed refused to get into the wheelchair proceeding under his own power using a walker he thought he would never use.  It was his walker!  Does this guy sound like someone you know? While Ed and my niece slowly made their way into the hospital I looked around for some Handicap Parking.  I can not even think of a hospital that I been to in the past few years without Handicap Parking near the Emergency Entrance, not that I frequent hospitals for emergencies for my self, but it makes it easier for me to access a hospital.  It reduce my risk of doing a Bambi between my vehicle and who ever I might be visiting in at a particular hospital.  The Handicap Parking was in a Garage about 100 yards away from the Emergency Entrance. I was glad it was not raining as I took a ticket to get into the parking garage.

Where was Ed’s wife?

I got a call telling me the reason they were not there yet was because my sister in-law was late telling my wife when to turn so they ended up on Mass. Ave. They used my GPS to get them to the hospital.  When  they finally arrived with Papa’s little girl, I was informed by my sister in-law in order to get my vehicle out of the garage I needed to get my parking pass validated which gave me a $5.00 discount off of the eight dollar charge only if I left right then an there.  So me and my little Honey (GPS) who helped me get home left the hospital leaving my wife there with her niece, sister and Ed’s granddaughter.

Today Ed decided to drive himself to the hospital for his Doctor visit.

I would have never finished this entry if I got the call to take him in.  I cringe at the thought but know it is the guy thing and his superstitious nature that I didn’t get the call. The appointment was at 11:00 it is now 12:48 as I write this.  My wife called shortly after 10:00 to tell me Ed was not answering his phone then finally getting through he told her to tell me “Thanks but no thanks.”  The reason he did not want me to take him in was because the one and only time I took him in was he ended up staying there. Does Ed sound like someone you know?