Quality…Where Did It Go?

Being a boomer I’m seeing things have changed as far as quality in products from food to autos over the past forty years.

My 1992 Plymouth Voyager was my second new vehicle which was built with quality.

I drove that 12 year old Plymouth Voyager Mini-Van with 120,000 miles on it from Boston to California in the Summer of 2004, taking my first solo road trip on Route 66 which is about 1200 miles from Chicago to LA.

I never liked taking my van to the Dealership after getting screwed out of $600.00 the week before Christmas and learned you NEVER tell anyone at a Dealership you know about Auto Repair which was one of my very first Ventures I did part-time with a friend after work from my real job.

It was tempting to just grab the keys and run keeping  my cash while they sat there on the service desk because I knew my warranty covered what they repaired.

I did not have a credit card at that time so why I did not grab the keys and run  might have had something to do with an inability to run while at the same time it was the very reason I got ripped off.

What they did was Double Dipped which means they knew it was covered by the warranty and knew they were going to get paid by Chrysler;  so why not get some Christmas money from this crip?

Before going there I was convinced this was an honest dealership because they were a family run business and had  great TV commercials but that was a different department than the service area.

Lesson Learned!

I eventually needed more work done on my 1992 van and wanted quality without being screwed, you might have had a bad experience with these guys,  I took my van to Midas.

I built a relationship with the  Midas store in Saugus never feeling  screwed, compared to other nightmares I have heard about them, all my repairs were perfectly justified.

It is so hard to find quality these days as I found out buying a brand new 2005 Doge Caravan same thing as a Voyager different name only.  I would have bought a Voyager but they stopped making them.

My wife wanted me to have a new vehicle to go to school with not trusting my high quality made 12 years ago Voyager.

Why did I let this happen?

When I hear of bailouts for the Big three all I can think of is my 2005 Doge Caravan that was bought with options that I would have bought for my Voyager but were way out of pocket for me back in 1992 and I strongly think they should get what they deserveNothing!

My industry was downsized and outsourced,  if they cannot come up with a better product with quality, why shouldn’t theirs?

My 2005 Doge Caravan went through break pads with less than 10,000 miles on them which I suspect there was nothing really wrong with them in the first place except they were switched out making me think they went bad after taking it in because of a ongoing known problem with airbag sensor light that took 4 hours to repair?

It was the last straw in my relationship with this Chrysler Dealership in Malden.

Fix what’s wrong with  my van, don’t screw me.

They did anyway you know why?

Because now I am an older crip, which was two marks against me in their Customer Profile Manual on Who to Screw.

That set of pads went pretty fast to,  making me think “Midas” but ended up taking my van to my wife’s cousin who I trust, he is just too pricey for me and he knows I have mechanical background.

It’s The Quality!

Where did it go?


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