It’s Christmas Season Let’s Do A Product Launch

I am sitting here wondering what it is I should buy my family for Christmas.

On a fixed income what do I have extra to spend on my family?

I spent that all ready!

On what you ask?

On  lots of very inexpensive IM products.

They’re not working for me because I’m an idiot without an attention span and absolutely no FOCUS.

I signed up for product to help me with that.

Now my Christmas funds are depleted.

I did get a job offer from one IM company but lost the opportunity by moving that email from Outlook to Gmail to reply which tainted my response.

I know many who read this think I am just a whining little baby loser but… I have not hit Rock Bottom!

Why, does the core requirement have be starting from Rock Bottom?

All I want is to have some income not a hobby!

Why does one have to jump through hoops, climb mountains, and swim the English Channel  to find the couple of pieces to the 500 piece puzzle of the IM game.

I have to admit that I have turned this blog into my Sounding Board and sooner or later someone will tell me to stop the whining.

Being a Boomer I know what  a Value Added or a Non-Value Added real content filled product is.

I can tell you who the few Real Gurus are but the Ones that Are Not do not need my Negative Endorsement so they can use it to sell you a Ridiculously Over Priced course.

They say things like, “How much is that person that Criticised me making?

Of course it makes feel like crap but if they knew what I had to offer in return they would be knocking at my door, screw the tons of useless emails.

Boomers want Quality!

I thought it Stomped its way to me then it quietly crawled away!

Lately, like Guru profits they claim to double, triple and go up to five times…so have my emails!

With all of the product launches out now, Just in Time For Christmas I realize it has nothing to do with this country and the world being in a recession, that does not happen to them, it’s just that Gurus figure why spend that extra imaginary Money on foolish family presents when you can look smelly be overweight and make Millions!

This is the time to help others not because it’s Christmas because we are in a recession and everyone is looking to increase their income.

I don’t know about you but if I were making  the gobs of money these Gurus are claiming, I’d have a contest to win their  product totally free following through by showing them exactly how to use it like they did.

Don’t they call that PR?

Why give the product to someone (Guru) who does not need it because they all ready know how?

Why waste the product on a Guru who will just throw it on a shelf because they’re too busy running their own business?

That’s what confuses me about these very high priced product launches.

You know who their helping.

I guess they (Gurus) don’t know the internet is not srinking and there is nothing wrong with spredding the wealth.


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