No Refridgerator Since November 4, 2008

I know what a whining and complaining old fart!

Here’s my the day before Christmas sory.

In 2003 my daughter was in need of a new refrigerator because her landlord’s was piece of crap.

As parents with not much income to buy them a new one we decided to upgrade ours and gave my daughter our
twelve year old GE fridge.

It served its purpose for us  working well and still is today.

If you read anything  written by me then you know I  have
no faith in warranties But on November fourth  if  we had a five year warranty my new fridge would have been repaired for free.

But what the heck!

Hearing the motor running now makes me think, “Motor working, freezer freezing why does a bottle of water STILL feel like it came out of a cabinet instead of being thirst quenching cold?”

The First repair
was fast after seeing what is cost was a relief getting the final total on the bill.  It was low enough that the logic of buying a new fridge was not necessary.  We were inconvenienced by having to take all our food out of our freezer and then turning the fridge off for tow days.  The fridge worked through Thanksgiving then the problem came back.

The Second repair making sure the new technician had no interference doing what was needed I went in the other room to work until he was done.  He was talking out loud to himself quite a bit commenting on the first guys work leaving me with the same exact parts that first guy left.  He told me it should be OK in a few hours.  A few hours later the inside of the fridge was at cabinet temperature again.  I called the  service people who told me to wait 24 hours for the repair to take effect. In the meantime all I could think of was how the food will go bad again.

The Third repair was being done by the same guy that came the last time.  Thought for sure this was it! It gets fixed today.  NOT! I know that procrastinating is something for me to eliminate in “09” but does not make a difference to my fridge.  I called the service people who set up the appointments trying to get past the gatekeepers and talk to the boss of these guys.  All I got was someone will be there the day after Christmas.

Might have to think about a new fridge but it will not be
New GE.

Where is the Quality?

In spite of this burp in my life I’m hoping for a great holiday get together with my family.

An to anyone who should stop by Happy Holidays and Great New Year!


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