Why Is Downloading WordPress So Difficult?

I got my GoDaddy web hosting account intending to get it with my company name that was not available but ended up settling with the word “online” added to the end of it which was available.

When I chose GoDaddy going to their web page one would think it would take a couple of steps to download WordPress since there was a banner add proudly displayed it on their site.


It could be my eyes need new glasses; it has been a while since my last prescription. It seems lately I can not read much more than a chapter in a book at a time before my vision becomes blurry.

Maybe I was missing something in the step by step instructions.

Being on the computers most of the day then deciding later in the evening to make a company blog using instructions I got at NAMS a workshop I attended in Atlanta.

I even had video.

I am blaming my self of course having a mild flu has not helped either.

I realized last night where and how I actually picked up the flu germ.

I drove to Atlanta after stopping in Orlando Florida first seeing a cousin I have not seen in 37 years.

It was great seeing him and I would be lying to say he didn’t change much.

He resembled my uncle that I last saw at my cousins present age and his daughters looked a lot like my other cousins use to when they were their age.

My original plan was to go straight to Atlanta then go see my cousin in Florida.

I had talked to my cousin about the business I was getting into and he sounded like he might have had an interested in going to NAMS but the economy was a factor in his case as well as mine so I shot down there for a quick visit staying tow nights before going to Atlanta.

It was midweek and he had to work.

I made my Doge Minivan into a mini sleeper after my first day of rest there getting it ready before heading to Atalanta.

Started out from Orlando at 6:00 AM Friday the 30th.

Checked in at 2:30 PM at the CROWNE PLAZA ATLANTA missed two of the scheduled speakers but was on time to listen to the last speaker of the afternoon where I got the flu germ, thinking at the time how bad could it be drinking from an empty used glass.

After drinking from it when it was too late my germ phobia kicked in and asked people if they saw who drank from the glass.

Sensing my phobia, they told me some guy who could not stop coughing with a runny nose drank out of it.

Real funny, it was only a mild flu, but real funny!

Last night before deciding to pick up my hosting account I was listening to a podcast from Lynn Terry who was the last of the afternoon speakers at NAMS.

Guess what Lynn Terry was carying around with her at NAMS, the flu.

That was what she said in her podcast.

I would certainly assume that the empty glass was Lynn Terry.


3 responses to “Why Is Downloading WordPress So Difficult?

  1. Oh no! Not that dreaded FLU!

    It couldnt have been me, though- I woke up sick with it myself on Sunday morning, so I wasnt the one coughing on Friday 🙂 I wonder who started that one… Viral Marketing at it’s best, no doubt lol. Got me too!

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    Alicia R.
    Go Daddy Hosting

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