Hope Help Will Stay Around When It’s Needed

I never made an outline for this post so here it goes.

Is it AADHD that I have or is because I’m aJoneser ?

The last thing I expected was to have someone from GoDaddy reading my blog post and offering to help me out.

It was so frustrating that of course I whined on my blog but got a tweet offering for help also.

Was told by GoDaddy While your hosting account is now active, it typically takes between 24-48 hours before your hosting account is ready for you to upload your Web site.

I think it is something that should definitely be added to the training video I was following; this “little thing” like the waiting period along with how to set up your  GoDaddy account that is not mentioned or thought of in the video.

Seriously, no, seriously I have forgotten more about designing web pages using HTML, Visual Basic among other things “thinking” this stuff should be a lot easier not more difficult to set up.

Like when I visited my daughters MySpace page one day while she was in between apartments staying at my house using my wife’s laptop I saw a pretty good  MySpace blog then a few days later it was a whole new theme and design.

The first thing I said to myself was, “She doesn’t know one thing about HTML how did she do that?”

Then  found out that her friends and cousins I knew who barely knew how to turn on a computer also had these great looking  MySpace blogs.

I got hold of a couple of these template thingys and manipulated some of the code then someone put a block on a picture I drove a couple thousand miles to take.

It was a picture personally taken by me of a Route 66 emblem painted on Route 66 the highway in Kansas.

Back to the AADHD theJoneser I talked about in the beginning.

As far a the AADHD thing I am suppose to be building my business but I let some company called MyCorporation do my legwork for me so now sounding foolish to my peers when the only thing  stopping me from becoming affiliates with companies I paid to do so with I cannot because since December 3, 2008 been waiting for my Articles of Incorporation.

The Joneserthing;  after a ton of research done on the Baby Boomer market I was taken aback finding it to be the toughest but largest market segment to do business in  and being a Joneser narrows an area of that market segment for my company.


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