Valentines Day Do Not Forget!

Yes I will drop what I am doing right now to make sure my honey of 33 years gets a Valentines Day gift even if I die in the process.

You can NOT buy a Christmas present and get away with it because that day is for the kids…even when things get tough.

You can NOT buy a Birthday gift but you would seriously be at  great risk especially if you do not have printer with  stock to make a card for an emergency backup.

You HAVE to… no matter what buy a Valentines Day gift and Card even if you are in the hospital; have them wheel your bed down to the gift shop or you wont be leaving that hospital.

Happy Valentines Day!


2 responses to “Valentines Day Do Not Forget!

  1. Dear Friends, Happy Valentines Day!!!

  2. Thanks for reminding me of that post!

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