I Have For Free For What EWP Charged !

How stupid thinking by buying their product it would help me?

Knowing that  going  on here my WordPress blog for free to edit my about me, ad links, pictures, ad sense we had to ask.

What were we thinking.

The good thing is I have 2 things I did need.

A GoDaddy and a HostGator account.

We know neither of them are being used correctly.

Now I have to clean up the mess that EWP left on my hosting account.

I have been thrown off the horse quite a few times trying to start my business and refuse to be another statistic by some greedy after work  cash cow scammer.

I want this to be my job not my hobby.

How can someone take something that is free and charge people?

Had a delayed reaction after hearing it in a webinar how we were being scammed which could have been worse.

I cried when reality hit me.

We were being talked into this with the free $97.00 monthly charge being waived.

Really thought these guys were experts!

I learned how to be an expert alright!

Gives my business a purpose which is to be out there protecting the business who realized the importance of marketing a web site and a blog to grow their business with online traffic which turns into foot traffic.

My company already got ripped off  for them using up huge chunks of time by  translating steps that are not in a strait line but were a mess of going back and fourth steps with no direction taking steps out of sync not to mention major steps that should be taken well before you even start.

There are no links here because I am pissed that I drove over 1200 miles thinking I would hook up with some answers by finding Experts who are not.


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