I Cannot Let MY EWP Mistake Beat ME!

Should have realized from the poor communication in the very beginning that we should have just got our money back.

We were  just doing what one would hope someone would do for us and that would be to give us the benefit of a doubt.

When they were not even aware that they use a gatekeeper type software, (Un-Professional) that alone should have been yelling in my ear.

They only want your money that is why they made it impossible to contact them.

We really can not blame them totally our eyes were on the prize instead of watching where we were going.

The most pure example of how bad EWP is how I can blog here without much effort for free;

and on my EWP site I need to watch content-less videos taking me around the world instead of step by step as was the selling point to where I have a Blog with lots of gadgets doing nothing when they should be making money…and all of this for under $130.00.

How Nice!

We now have a hosting account with all of this EWP crap on it.

In the meantime we could have had a web site and a blog built by using the software the hosting account has built in.

We learned so much from this very bad experience.

It is not over because at the least we can salvage a blog site for my company.

I drove 937 mi. to Atlanta to hook up with my peers who know how paralyzed we all can  get.

Feel like we (MRLLC) were the only ones who bought EWP becoming paralyzed not by analysis but by taking the plunge setting our company back in lost time  trying to figure out something so simple?

When we get this simplicity figured out we’ll have a great blog to let future customers know why they should let the professionals build their blogs and web sites for them.

I see I’ll be taking my own advice and a professional build my business blog and web site for me.


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