Confused Is Not The Word For My Dilemma

It all started January 27 of this year.

I was taking action while hoping to beat some of this New England weather at the same time. I have been trying to cut through the crap of this Internet marketing stuff finally finding some regular folks at a regular price down there in Atlanta at NAMS. I know basically my business is to help businesses that are not on-line to get on-line. This is my business right? If those businesses knew what I am going through right now to get everything straight so I can help and dare charge money to get them, on-line I would then become invisible.

I have a GoDaddy account for my domain name that I did not know I already own the correct one of. The domain at name at Godaddy is I tried getting Millennium Resources LLC not realizing that I already own it through I then needed a hosting account so that I could become a WordPress Expert which I thought was going to be a walk in the park, singing up for a HostGator account for that. Some expert said some time back, since I’ve been at this since May 2008 it could have been any one of them, that your domain name and your hosting accounts should be separate.

I can see why many companies never get on-line just from what I am getting confused about. This is my business right? I built my first web page with Adobe Golive 4.0 but never got it published. It was not that hard to do using that software especially after learning code from Laura Lemay’s “Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 4 IN 14 Days” Second Edition. I always felt blogs were easier than web pages to build but somehow everything seems tainted.

Now I’m getting ready for a drive to Orlando to Willie’s Birthday Bash to meet up with some of the same folks that were at NAMS; I’m hoping to walk away from it with a peace of mind. I have found a model for what my business should be like and will be preparing my business plan for the event with great hopes of landing a Joint Venture. I love marketing and writing never realizing that both would meet as they did at UMass Boston.

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