What Do I Do Now?

Well, I’ve been down so Goddam long

That it looks like up to me.

Well, Ive been down so very dam long

That it looks like up to me.

Yea, so why don’t one you people

C’mon an set me free. “Jim Morrison”

Tomorrow I go to one of my favorite places, the brace shop.  It would not be nice being in Florida next week having it  fall apart in the middle of a surprise presentation.  I know people would grimace seeing my bare pelican leg when it is out of the brace with the anticipation of a snapping sound from the hyper extended knee joint.  It is really hyper extended the brace prevents the odds of that snapping from happening.

I have been out of work for 9 years from the exact company I am bringing this brace to repair.  A young aspiring orthotists who, instead asking the patient with a prescription, thought it better to collaborate with a physiatrist a medical doctor who specializes in physical medicine, rehabilitation, and pain medicine. These spine specialists focus on the body’s musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves but in this case never saw a case of Polio in her life.  Having no clue to what atrophy was thinking muscle was going to develope from osmosis from my other leg the orthotists worked on the brace that might have helped an athlete that needed some help in the ankle area but remained clueless to the atrophy.  Can not help dead ankles with no muscle.

Well, instead of scrapping the whole brace now that the patients prescription was making sense it was decided to rebuild the bottom part of the brace only, which never seemed to align correctly causing lesions 3 inches long and an inch and a half wide which took two and half years to close and many visits to plastic surgeons to repair.

All the brace needs is five worn out straps, replace a sheared of screw and a thick piece of padded plastic and some liner and insurance should cover it but I was assured they wouldn’t.  The place where I’ll be having my brace repaired was paid for twice by the insurance company the other third by me is the FDR Center in Burington MA. 01803


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