What Is Wrong With My Blog?

This is what’s wrong with this blog it’s the lack of this…content.

This is one of two blogs.  I could feel shame, could and would but that does not put content here.  I should have been adding content on here after coming back from a weekend with some of the best information marketers in the business but obviously the economy even gets to them.  I do not sell information but I do buy it and will drive 1300 miles to  see  what makes it work.

A few days before leaving for my journey to Orlando I saw a tactic used by one of the great Gurus finding it to be quite interesting.  It was almost like this Guru knew I was coming and thought I had a lot more bucks to spend than the average internet marketer, that’s internet marketer NOT information marketer.

Buying a product from this great Guru at the end of the year in ’08 made me at least want to see what he was up to with his last minute offer.   The product purchased in ’08 from this Guru, which at the time was one of many I bought or received for free by buying other products but had no clue until coming back from Atalanta what it was or even how to use it.  Still don’t.  But if you get a hosting account which some how I now have a few of, two out of the three these accounts have what this Guru taught people how to use.  I’m not going disclosing any more information than that about the product because I want to tell you about the tactic.

Here’s how it went.  I believe if it was not for the economy my message sent via Twitter would have gone without even being noticed.  I let this Guru know through Twitter I was going to Orlando and had questions about the use of his product purchased in ’08.  The next thing I know there was an email with a great limited opportunity which was going out only to those going to the event.   It was also for those of us that might arrive early.  The limit to this mini event would be limited to five very lucky folks who he promised would make our trip worth it.  With these few hours he would teach us how we would be better off than going to the whole weekend event.  All this for a mere $300.00.  I had an interest but was not sure of my ETA to the event because another great Guru was giving away a great product which I felt as a $30.00 investment was worth putting off my journey for.  I thought about stopping at a WiFi Flying J along the way but knew how well these FREE product launches go; they don’t go well.  I was on the early bird list but like I said they don’t go well, and it still took three hours to get in.  They screwed up, got lots of my info but must have lost it in a bit bucket or something.  Never saw it show up on my credit card so I hung around this freezing cold city for nothing when I could have been baking in the Orlando sun.

I arrived in Orlando at 2:30 am Wednesday morning which was eight hours later than the lady in my GPS told me that I would arrive at in the beginning.  Because sleeping and driving don’t mix I pulled over twice, once in Virginia where I slept slightly after barely making it to the mens room of a convenient store.  A woman in the store told me that rest areas are not safe places to sleep telling me their parking area would be and  they’d keep an eye on my van.  But being parked in a handicap spot outside the door of a store with people on their way to work stopping by frequently making various kinds of noise was not helping me sleep.  Still too chilly to change into shorts and a short sleeve golf shirt it was onward until the groves they cut into the  side of the road told me it was time for a real rest.

I was in a rest area in southern North Carolina.  Keeping in mind that womans caution, I pulled to the end of the parking area after stopping in the mens room. I then hopped in the back and finally got some rest.  It was raining and there was a Sate Trooper facing the rest area which made me comfortable and nervous at the same time.  Woke up, changed into shorts and a short sleeve golf shirt.  I shot a short video before heading to Orlando.  Between road construction and now rain this slowed me down quite a bit.  I made up some time as it was getting dark and the later it got the less traffic there was.  It was now time to play leapfrog with fellow lead foots all the way to Orlando.

I put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door knob to my room and slept very well.  I had a day before the event but knew the hotels price of  bottled water.  I then  bought two cases for what a  single bottle would have cost at the hotel.  I met the folks running the event and was invited to hang with them.  They remembered me from Atlanta.  Not mentioning them here either in case they didn’t know about the IM guy with his special pre-event package.

I figured if this IM  guy was any good he would have convinced me, if there was an opening, of course, to his five person event, to pay him $300.00 to show me how to use what I bought from him in ’08.  I kept an eye out for him while hanging with the folks hosting the event that I already paid for but he never did show even though his fantastic opportunity event that was to start at 8:00 pm.

After another good nights rest from any further van lag it was now time to go to the event I paid my $200.00 minus hotel and driving expense for.  After the third speaker was finished we had a break.  I was having minor difficulties with my room so I headed to the front desk and guess who was checking in?  That’s right!  It was the “I’ll teach you more in three hours than you’ll get out of this whole weekend event;” IM guy.  While I was busy talking to the manager the IM guy checked into his room.  Guess no one else thought it was a great deal either.

No it’s the economy!


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