I know…Where The Hell Have I Been?

I want to say sorry to those who missed my rants.

For those who didn’t miss anything it has been a while since I last posted.

Finally found out what it is that I wanted to do online, make money at and like doing it!

Design and or find website designs that will enhance a company’s bottom line not just look great with all kinds of fancy gadgets that look like something your next door neighbor’s kid whipped together on his new laptop or mac.

It’s tough to weed through all of the Prima Donna’s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prima_donna) out there who were constantly told how great their websites look as they were and still are growing up. I wish I knew everything like they think they know. I am very thankful, for learning this business backwards and wish I could have kept going to UMass Boston (http://www.umb.edu/) but that has everything to do with why I want an online business now.

In a couple of days I will be going to Podcamp Boston 4 (http://podcampboston4.eventbrite.com/)

. I went to the very first Podcamp they had at Bunker Hill Community College (http://www.bhcc.mass.edu/) I just wish I knew then what I know now but I still have no idea what to ask or even how to say what I want to ask. Now I know a few online celebrities or at least that is what they are to me.


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