OK It Is Time To Get The Lead OUT !

I was amazed where the search for the above title took me.

I use to work for them when they were HP now they want to save the environment though the equipment I tested for them saved lives. The SONOS 5500

It could get messy with any more information than what I already have. I’m no longer a technician but still enjoy troubleshooting but now instead of systems it’s my business and life I have been analyzing. When analyzing systems to the component level it required engineered software to locate which Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that was causing the failure then there were specific test beds designed for each PCB with varying technical expertise pending the complexity to repair the problem of each.

This is way off from the title and what I need to do to get back on track. What I originally wanted to let my readers know is that there are plans in the making to make this an interesting blog to visit. So stick with me and let me entertain you with future post of how things are turning out by being focused.

Learning how to focus was important for me so that I can give you what learn in my life as a Road Warrior Traveler to my new chosen profession as Web Designer Broker. What do I know about web design? Not much in comparison to my peers but way more than the 65% of businesses out there who are too busy building their business to seriously take time to build a website that will GROW their business.

If one were to take the time and read my past entries since I started this blog you can see I have been around some amazing folks who know a ton about marketing online. Now I know a ton myself and know I DO NOT WANT TO SELL HOW TO MARKET ONLINE PRODUCTS.

I have been at this stuff since June of “06” finally coming to the conclusion that there is a need out there that I can fulfill a service which is, hooking the right business up with the right designer and visor verser.

Some (family) that know me take it that I might be a negative influence they should stay away from upon solid advise from their mentors. They refuse to listen to my analysis of their website not even waiting to hear why I made it in the first place thinking to themselves I am being mean. They Designed a beautiful website that they pored their heart and soul into, what could be wrong with it? Not knowing or caring what SEO means or how I know at a glance once the page is loaded something is wrong. It is such a beautiful site and think, “What does he know?” Obviously in this situation the website for this company is merely for status and does link to things the customer can use as long as their link is on the business card along side a Directors resume. Another thing I know is business. Now my only interest is increasing my customers bottom line were they can take my advice or not but should.

I know more ranting but I’m very calm and know where we have to go. But! It is time to get the lead out.

Please stand by.


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