WTH? Has It Been That Long?

I have not been in a deep sleep but things sure seem different since I was here last.

Been putting off this entry for a while but seems that it was too long.

I have something else going on here besides this here blog.

As far as I know I still have a memory but I did not remember I had a blank WordPress blog.

I know Godaddy might know I have something there but I didn’t think it was at WP.

That is what information overload can do to you.

I have been out of the loop as one can see for quite some time and for those who have stopped by and thought lowly of me I am sorry.

I let you down you’re not supposed to put blogs up for yourself.

I have a personal journal for you not to see.

I thought what was happening in my life would not interest you but it could be part of your life, that was effecting mine.

Coping with mild depression without drugs even the self medicating type can make it a struggle.

I once was a force in the work force but was taken down and out of it because of a professional’s mistake.

That professional was a leg brace maker who made a brace instead of supporting my leg put a whole in the back of my ankle.

It has taken me out of the work force and I am a force when I get back to it.

Now there is no way I could have a boss even though on my last days in the Work Force the temp agency was my boss now YOU are my boss.

Tell me what should I be doing with all of this time I have on my hands?

Once again for the third time I’m going to drive almost 1200 miles to be with like minded people who are doing what I would like to do and a great percentageg are making money doing it.

I keep telling myself you cannot make SHIT if you do nothing.

I wish I could say I do nothing but I am up at 5:00 AM every day and read post of people I admire and would like to post like 7 days a week.

These folks are making money and many have grammar problems that irk me but their content is so great it is easy to overlook.

But you know what?




Now it is my turn.


Hold my feet to the fire.

This is a whimpy entry without link backs so if you stumble upon this just leave a comment of any type.

I don’t care of you call me a dick, duck or a stupid fuck, anything would be a start.

In the next couple of months I plan on reviving everything I’m doing.

I would like to get sponsors for what I like to do and that is travel by car far in the US.

My future plans are stopping at actual locations where Route 66 the TV series was shot and go to where the first episode was shot and go to where it was supposed be before they decided to go to actual locations and see if they are still there.

I will also be critiquing each episode.

What do you think?

My eyes are bluring,  glasses migh be fix for this, got to go.



2 responses to “WTH? Has It Been That Long?

  1. I have to give me some credit.
    For what?
    I do not know.
    I have been down the road lest traveled and guess what?
    Nobody was there!

  2. This is a nice post… is usefull for my site!nice job.

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