Should I Be Ashamed ?

I can only hope I didn’t let down the few folks who stop by here who don’t say anything and just look shaking their head because they know there should be a lot more stuff here.

Like when one of those folks who pass by your blog online but give you comments when you meet them in person.

To me what I did could have got me in some deep shit with the FTC whoever they are because I did not have a clear understanding of what I was doing but feel I was more than protected by the great folks atNAMS3 .

I have some serious stuff going on in my life right now which has something to do with my mother being rushed  to the hospital last Friday while at NAMS3.

You know I’m old, just imagine how old my mother is.

Before I saw her in the hospital when I got back I never pictured her to look her age as she did.

My brother and my wife have been at her side everyday while I was at NAMS.

My sister does not know her mother; stating this when she realized my mother moved in close by.

My sister thought it would be too much of a strain to check in on her own 77 year old mother who lived a few country blocks away.

Of course that was my mothers fault for looking younger than 77.

I watch movies like SAW but I’m more in awe of people in real life.

Like people who walk right by an assault at the “T” not wanting to get involved.

But your own mother?

My mother’s condition might not have got to this point if she had a daughter.

You might think I did this to make some one feel guilty but they are incapable of such feelings.


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