My Van Being Held Hostage Because of Technology

My mechanic told me I could safely drive to Cali and back to Revere with the “Check Engine” light on.

I did, without any problems.

Now after listening to my mechanic’s subordinate’s litney of senarios of what could be keeping this light on…why couldn’t he take my van right in and show me what he had to do?

I brought it in then and had no where to go, way too far to walk home, so why not do it now?

There was no crowd of people breathing down his neck.

Then was told to leave it in the parking area after hours where my vehicle made #3 for the next day.

Is he going to do something unique I should or should not see?

What kind of magic will it take so the RMV will see what I assume is, that there is nothing wrong with my van except something has caused the fuel sensor to kick on the “Check Engine” light?

Bet it’s going to cost at least an arm, they might not want either leg so the arm will have to do.

So Technically even though everything is running well it is going to cost plenty for my Inspection Sticker.


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