My Craving Are Over Rated

I want to say that cravings in my case are over rated.

This is a story of my very last experience at Santarpio’s in Peabody back on Saturday October 2, 2010.



To say it was my worst experience anywhere, would be too much but it was my worse experience out of three visits to Santarpio’s.



This was my second visit in the Peabody pizza parlor.



I would have gone to the Peabody location for my first time around do to its easier access due to my physical limitations if they officially existed at the time.



My experience at the East Boston location was my best experience after not visiting there for 12 years.



I got severe craving to go there after seeing the brand new sign, on my way to Costco in Danvers.


I remembered the Santarpio’s name because it was the last place I saw my sister Shawn alive.

My sister was the best cook I knew, even though she was kind of like the Galloping Gourmet except she needed a little more alcohol content to stimulate her creativeness.



The point was, if you were going to eat out with her at a restaurant then you knew the food had to be great.


Who knew it was mostly low carbs and delicious?


I would be lying if I said my two first experiences at Santarpio’s were both superb but would be lying if I said my last experience on Saturday October 2, 2010 was superb.


I have no idea how much it cost to maintain a coffee machine but I’m sure there are plenty of folks like me who feel bloated from beer, soda and wine.


There are people who prefer coffee & tea.


After being in the East Boston establishment I knew there would be a few of things done differently in the Peabody parlor like taking Debit and Credit cards and making real drinks.



I was really taking a chance when I asked for a Long Island Ice Tea and should have just opted for water when my server seemed to be leery about the bar tenders ability to make my request.


I assumed when my waitress returned with a Long Island Ice Tea, instead of returning quickly so she could throw a beer in front of me, they must make them.


I saw that there were ice cubes in the drink but it was warm to the taste.


I was not going to suck it down and thought about sending it back, because I’m not a drink expert but this was no Long Island Ice Tea.


It sucked compared to what I had at the Newbridge Cafe’ in Chelsea.


On my last visit here I had beer, which is not my cup of tea.


Actually I prefer to drink alcohol in my home.


I thought if you served alcohol you must serve coffee.


My drink did look like an Ice Tea and believe me it was closer to a hot Tea in spite of all the ice cubes.


I think it might have had the right ingredients but was not shaken.  All I know after having a great Long Island Ice Tea you know when you get one that sucks.


I would have been better of with water.


The last time I was at the Peabody location they pushed me out of my seat because they were installing a TV where I was sitting for Keno.


This time around I was at the same table location from my last visit.


I sat with my back to the rail so I could stick my sticks behind me without tripping anyone.


I felt awkward were I was sitting but I do not plan on going back anyway any time real soon.


I milked my drink waiting for the food.


The drink didn’t taste too strong and I did not want to suck it down in case it was.


The Lamb & Sausage came out a quarter way through my drink.


Like the last time here the lamb was way undercooked, the sausage was overcooked looking like someone bit the end of it.


I knew what to do with the undercooked lamb from the last time I was here; had waitress take it back to finish cooking it.


I ate my hot overcooked or old sitting around sausage along with the bread and hot peppers.


My Garlic Sausage Pizza that I fully intended taking the rest of it home came out.


On my second slice of the pizza the undercooked  lamb came back with more peppers and more bread.


This is when I realized a fourth time could be a better or worse experience and a doubtful return.


If anyone ask I’ll tell them to go to the East Boston parlor for the best experience.


I did expect an as well or better experience than my last visit here but certainly did not see any value in a smaller burnt sausage possibly a leftover, extra fatty uncooked lamb and they don’t come close to the East Boston Santarpio’s with the pizza.

I rate the drink D+.


The Lamb & sausage combo D-/D-.


The pizza was minus some cheese but I do give it a B because it was delicious even later at home at room temperature.


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