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Maybe It Could Have Ended Sooner

Just hearing about it was graphic enough for me but maybe if he saw what he did.

At 26 years-old the human male’s mind is way more developed than a 19 year-old.

If the News people could have asked the younger viewers to leave the room and showed THE KID what I actually saw today he would have run his brother over before the gun fight.

I am mad.


Why Not Post Today?

Usually this stuff is written in my journal. Maybe not THIS stuff.

Got an email today about a post that I wrote November 15, 2008.

This blog is connected to my Twitter account somehow because I put it that way.

It has been a long time since anything was written here.

I hate to admit it but I failed as a marketer or as a food critic which I do believe was what the entry before the last one was an attempt at.

If you know what I look like then being a food critic would be hazardous to my health.

Some how or some way I am a wanna be journalist or a novelist your basic writer with abilities to do it but I just don’t.

I could be you but you DO NOT want to be me.

Before I thought about college I wanted something but that had nothing to do with learning about writing.

Never sat down and read a whole book until I was in my twenties and a factory worker that dressed at what I thought a writer should look like when I applied for that job. It was a factory that made electronic photo typesetters. The only typing I ever did with one of these systems was to run test.

Had to stick that in there.

My present situation I do not want to be in but would still like to be a writer.

I am the father of three grown adults who are not making the best decisions about their lives.

All three of them now have grandchildren the youngest who had my oldest grandson first is homeless.

Please leave a comment if you think I should share more about them or let me know how YOU would present it. I want to write fiction not live in what it seems to be.