Moving On And Where To GO

As my 59th birthday has come and gone I’ve come to realize that I will soon have been on this earth for 6 decades.  I know people half my age that don’t even know what a decade is.  I miss the quality of life I once had realizing now that I took it for granted.

I was given a perfect opportunity to write for a living but knowing how little there was to be made in that trade I opted for marketing on the internet where there was less. 

I know now you can say you are a writer but if you do not you cannot even make what little that there is to be made.

I read a lot more than I have in my younger days.  I find that a Kindle erases subconscious excuses not to read because of flipping through pages, bending the binding to make the book easier to hold or bending edges of the pages so that you  know where you were when you put the book down.

I almost gave up on the idea of being a writer but have been introduced to so many late comers to this field it would be a shame for me to forfeit my experience without letting the world know what I have learned and what has kept me in the ballgame all of these years.

I have pulled through today by making sure I made an entry here instead of my daily journal which is basically a sounding board that keeps me from seeing a shrink.  I may leak a personal problem or two but I think you would rather hear my brilliance or stupidity or what ever brought YOU here to read this for whatever reason.  But now is the time for me to move on from a sounding board to wherever this takes me.  I’m not sure of where I’m going but this is to let YOU know I’m back.  




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