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Moving On And Where To GO

As my 59th birthday has come and gone I’ve come to realize that I will soon have been on this earth for 6 decades.  I know people half my age that don’t even know what a decade is.  I miss the quality of life I once had realizing now that I took it for granted.

I was given a perfect opportunity to write for a living but knowing how little there was to be made in that trade I opted for marketing on the internet where there was less. 

I know now you can say you are a writer but if you do not you cannot even make what little that there is to be made.

I read a lot more than I have in my younger days.  I find that a Kindle erases subconscious excuses not to read because of flipping through pages, bending the binding to make the book easier to hold or bending edges of the pages so that you  know where you were when you put the book down.

I almost gave up on the idea of being a writer but have been introduced to so many late comers to this field it would be a shame for me to forfeit my experience without letting the world know what I have learned and what has kept me in the ballgame all of these years.

I have pulled through today by making sure I made an entry here instead of my daily journal which is basically a sounding board that keeps me from seeing a shrink.  I may leak a personal problem or two but I think you would rather hear my brilliance or stupidity or what ever brought YOU here to read this for whatever reason.  But now is the time for me to move on from a sounding board to wherever this takes me.  I’m not sure of where I’m going but this is to let YOU know I’m back.  




Maybe It Could Have Ended Sooner

Just hearing about it was graphic enough for me but maybe if he saw what he did.

At 26 years-old the human male’s mind is way more developed than a 19 year-old.

If the News people could have asked the younger viewers to leave the room and showed THE KID what I actually saw today he would have run his brother over before the gun fight.

I am mad.

Why Not Post Today?

Usually this stuff is written in my journal. Maybe not THIS stuff.

Got an email today about a post that I wrote November 15, 2008.

This blog is connected to my Twitter account somehow because I put it that way.

It has been a long time since anything was written here.

I hate to admit it but I failed as a marketer or as a food critic which I do believe was what the entry before the last one was an attempt at.

If you know what I look like then being a food critic would be hazardous to my health.

Some how or some way I am a wanna be journalist or a novelist your basic writer with abilities to do it but I just don’t.

I could be you but you DO NOT want to be me.

Before I thought about college I wanted something but that had nothing to do with learning about writing.

Never sat down and read a whole book until I was in my twenties and a factory worker that dressed at what I thought a writer should look like when I applied for that job. It was a factory that made electronic photo typesetters. The only typing I ever did with one of these systems was to run test.

Had to stick that in there.

My present situation I do not want to be in but would still like to be a writer.

I am the father of three grown adults who are not making the best decisions about their lives.

All three of them now have grandchildren the youngest who had my oldest grandson first is homeless.

Please leave a comment if you think I should share more about them or let me know how YOU would present it. I want to write fiction not live in what it seems to be.

What Are You Looking At?

If it sounds like I have a complex or I am complex I might be.

Yep, first post of the year and where the hell have I been?

Right here.

Believe it or not I have writtin something every day since November first.

Why has it taken so long to get to here?  It was not because of my last entry which had a bad title with misspelling and or the bad grammar which ever way you look at it.  It sucked!  I know it did.  That was a rough draft of the rough draft that was just thrown up there.  That is not how I want to do things in my life and especially here this year.  I have been wanting to write something here every day since the first of the year.  Not just anything, not something rough and just thrown here I wanted to write somethong you wanted to read and maybe even send me back a scathing comment or a good word or even some advise.  I did not beat myself up knowing YOU might have had a similar problem.  I’m sure what ever your problem you could have gotten out to shovel your own snow.  My wife can barely hold a pen in her hands and does all she can do just to shovel herself out enough to get her car onto the street so she go to work.  When I was young I was able to shovel and could even walk around in snow but now being 60 pounds over weight has set my limits.  This must apparently have made me a miserable person since my physically healthy children who live near by cannot mentally fathom I have a physical disabilty and that I’m too proud to ask for their help if their mother cannot.  This Winter I have become an introvert which would surprise those who really know me and it surpises me.  I have been trapped in my house by the snow and the lack of resources to have it removed.  If I had a metal shovel and an ice breaker it would be what Ineed to eventually get  into my van that is less than six feet from the bottom of my front stairs.  What is the big fear?  If I fall I have no way of knowing how long it would take to get me up or even if cars passing by my house would see me.  I always have a cell phone on me but have you ever called 911?

My Craving Are Over Rated

I want to say that cravings in my case are over rated.

This is a story of my very last experience at Santarpio’s in Peabody back on Saturday October 2, 2010.



To say it was my worst experience anywhere, would be too much but it was my worse experience out of three visits to Santarpio’s.



This was my second visit in the Peabody pizza parlor.



I would have gone to the Peabody location for my first time around do to its easier access due to my physical limitations if they officially existed at the time.



My experience at the East Boston location was my best experience after not visiting there for 12 years.



I got severe craving to go there after seeing the brand new sign, on my way to Costco in Danvers.


I remembered the Santarpio’s name because it was the last place I saw my sister Shawn alive.

My sister was the best cook I knew, even though she was kind of like the Galloping Gourmet except she needed a little more alcohol content to stimulate her creativeness.



The point was, if you were going to eat out with her at a restaurant then you knew the food had to be great.


Who knew it was mostly low carbs and delicious?


I would be lying if I said my two first experiences at Santarpio’s were both superb but would be lying if I said my last experience on Saturday October 2, 2010 was superb.


I have no idea how much it cost to maintain a coffee machine but I’m sure there are plenty of folks like me who feel bloated from beer, soda and wine.


There are people who prefer coffee & tea.


After being in the East Boston establishment I knew there would be a few of things done differently in the Peabody parlor like taking Debit and Credit cards and making real drinks.



I was really taking a chance when I asked for a Long Island Ice Tea and should have just opted for water when my server seemed to be leery about the bar tenders ability to make my request.


I assumed when my waitress returned with a Long Island Ice Tea, instead of returning quickly so she could throw a beer in front of me, they must make them.


I saw that there were ice cubes in the drink but it was warm to the taste.


I was not going to suck it down and thought about sending it back, because I’m not a drink expert but this was no Long Island Ice Tea.


It sucked compared to what I had at the Newbridge Cafe’ in Chelsea.


On my last visit here I had beer, which is not my cup of tea.


Actually I prefer to drink alcohol in my home.


I thought if you served alcohol you must serve coffee.


My drink did look like an Ice Tea and believe me it was closer to a hot Tea in spite of all the ice cubes.


I think it might have had the right ingredients but was not shaken.  All I know after having a great Long Island Ice Tea you know when you get one that sucks.


I would have been better of with water.


The last time I was at the Peabody location they pushed me out of my seat because they were installing a TV where I was sitting for Keno.


This time around I was at the same table location from my last visit.


I sat with my back to the rail so I could stick my sticks behind me without tripping anyone.


I felt awkward were I was sitting but I do not plan on going back anyway any time real soon.


I milked my drink waiting for the food.


The drink didn’t taste too strong and I did not want to suck it down in case it was.


The Lamb & Sausage came out a quarter way through my drink.


Like the last time here the lamb was way undercooked, the sausage was overcooked looking like someone bit the end of it.


I knew what to do with the undercooked lamb from the last time I was here; had waitress take it back to finish cooking it.


I ate my hot overcooked or old sitting around sausage along with the bread and hot peppers.


My Garlic Sausage Pizza that I fully intended taking the rest of it home came out.


On my second slice of the pizza the undercooked  lamb came back with more peppers and more bread.


This is when I realized a fourth time could be a better or worse experience and a doubtful return.


If anyone ask I’ll tell them to go to the East Boston parlor for the best experience.


I did expect an as well or better experience than my last visit here but certainly did not see any value in a smaller burnt sausage possibly a leftover, extra fatty uncooked lamb and they don’t come close to the East Boston Santarpio’s with the pizza.

I rate the drink D+.


The Lamb & sausage combo D-/D-.


The pizza was minus some cheese but I do give it a B because it was delicious even later at home at room temperature.

My First Food Review

Santarpio’s Pizza of East Boston according to NECN is #1 in New England but don’t take their word, take my mine “It’s Great!!!”

This past July I was taking my wife shopping up in Danvers to Costco’s.  After passing Wendy’s in Peabody just before the turn off to Route 128 I noticed a new sign over what use to be Bennigans Grill & Tavern that was now Santarpio’s.  Santarpio’s Pizza of Peabody

A couple of weeks later  I decided to take a drive up to Peabody to check it out.  It had been well over 12 years since I went to Santarpio’s in East Boston.  It was the last time I saw my sister who was a year older than me alive.  She was now living out in California and she wanted to eat something good before she got on her plane.

There were only a few vehicles in the parking lot when I pulled in.  The doors were open when I walked in.   Two women who looked like they worked there told me they were not opened and that they were waiting for the new ovens to be installed.

It looked like nearly everything was waiting to great new customers.

I was still hungry for some lamb & sausage so I decided to take a drive down memory lane after a quick check of Google Maps seeing it was practically down the street from a former apartment I use to live in on Bennington St. in Beachmont that went right down to Chelsea St. in East Boston.

I was welcomed by everyone who worked there making me feel right at home.

I got the combo which to me was pretty much an appetizer although it had great flavor.  I had to go for a pizza ordering a sausage and cheese.

I got a chance to take a walk through their kitchen  for which a guy like me is not an easy chore because we had to move or cars or the street cleaners would have had us towed.

I listened as customers came in and to my surprise most were first timers referred by airport employees as regular customers piled into their usual seats.

When my pizza finally came out it was loaded down with cheese it looked like shit but it tasted Great.

The ambiance was not what I expected in relation to the price and of what I remembered.

I went to Santarpio’s in Peabody the day after they opened on September 16, after finding out I lost 6 pounds on top of  losing 3 upon my previous doctor visit.

The new place is Great!

The ambiance matched the prices and there seemed to be more folk from or formally from East Boston of which I have an ear for.

My Van Being Held Hostage Because of Technology

My mechanic told me I could safely drive to Cali and back to Revere with the “Check Engine” light on.

I did, without any problems.

Now after listening to my mechanic’s subordinate’s litney of senarios of what could be keeping this light on…why couldn’t he take my van right in and show me what he had to do?

I brought it in then and had no where to go, way too far to walk home, so why not do it now?

There was no crowd of people breathing down his neck.

Then was told to leave it in the parking area after hours where my vehicle made #3 for the next day.

Is he going to do something unique I should or should not see?

What kind of magic will it take so the RMV will see what I assume is, that there is nothing wrong with my van except something has caused the fuel sensor to kick on the “Check Engine” light?

Bet it’s going to cost at least an arm, they might not want either leg so the arm will have to do.

So Technically even though everything is running well it is going to cost plenty for my Inspection Sticker.