Hope I Do This Right Its For YOU


I hope you had a great Christmas and that you’re ready to bring in the new year.

But before then, I wanted to remind you that Beyond Blogging launches in just 24 hours! I think this is going to be a huge book for the blogging community, so I wanted to remind you to get ready to head over to the site to get your order in early.

Nathan and Mike are having a midnight (EST) launch, so it might be fun to be among the first to get your copy!

Anyway, I’ll send you a reminder – the net should be buzzing with Tweets and all kinds of stuff about the book – and this time tomorrow you could be reading your own copy!

Best Wishes


NAMS3 What’s Next?

What’s next or Now What?

I drove straight through from Boston (Revere) with two cat naps ending in jammed traffic in downtown Atlanta; only thing I was thinking of was Mickey D’s for breakfast then bed.

After attending this event for the third time, not making a dime and spending many, I was leery if anyone would speak to me or even look at me for doing nothing.

I tried sleeping after I unpacked but just closed my eyes for a couple of hours.

Checked my email.

I felt so slymey for not doing anything besides putting a few blogs out there with two webstites that are not built the way they should have been which is to make some of the thousands of dollarts back that I have spent of my wife’s hard earned money.

Folks, I say folks because I don’t want to feel like I’m just talking to me, evrything is there in all of these media but if YOU don’t do anything they aren’t going to do a thing for you.

I’ve come to these events early and nobody is usually around except those doiong thier presentations or running the event but along with a couple of speakers there were 45 people.

I know the hotel was happy but all I wanted was a supper a glass of wine and go to bed.

I went from feeling like a dog who shit all over the furniture to feeling pretty good about my self after some, to me, famous people went out of their way to welcome me.

WTH? Has It Been That Long?

I have not been in a deep sleep but things sure seem different since I was here last.

Been putting off this entry for a while but seems that it was too long.

I have something else going on here besides this here blog.

As far as I know I still have a memory but I did not remember I had a blank WordPress blog.

I know Godaddy might know I have something there but I didn’t think it was at WP.

That is what information overload can do to you.

I have been out of the loop as one can see for quite some time and for those who have stopped by and thought lowly of me I am sorry.

I let you down you’re not supposed to put blogs up for yourself.

I have a personal journal for you not to see.

I thought what was happening in my life would not interest you but it could be part of your life, that was effecting mine.

Coping with mild depression without drugs even the self medicating type can make it a struggle.

I once was a force in the work force but was taken down and out of it because of a professional’s mistake.

That professional was a leg brace maker who made a brace instead of supporting my leg put a whole in the back of my ankle.

It has taken me out of the work force and I am a force when I get back to it.

Now there is no way I could have a boss even though on my last days in the Work Force the temp agency was my boss now YOU are my boss.

Tell me what should I be doing with all of this time I have on my hands?

Once again for the third time I’m going to drive almost 1200 miles to be with like minded people who are doing what I would like to do and a great percentageg are making money doing it.

I keep telling myself you cannot make SHIT if you do nothing.

I wish I could say I do nothing but I am up at 5:00 AM every day and read post of people I admire and would like to post like 7 days a week.

These folks are making money and many have grammar problems that irk me but their content is so great it is easy to overlook.

But you know what?




Now it is my turn.


Hold my feet to the fire.

This is a whimpy entry without link backs so if you stumble upon this just leave a comment of any type.

I don’t care of you call me a dick, duck or a stupid fuck, anything would be a start.

In the next couple of months I plan on reviving everything I’m doing.

I would like to get sponsors for what I like to do and that is travel by car far in the US.

My future plans are stopping at actual locations where Route 66 the TV series was shot and go to where the first episode was shot and go to where it was supposed be before they decided to go to actual locations and see if they are still there.

I will also be critiquing each episode.

What do you think?

My eyes are bluring,  glasses migh be fix for this, got to go.


OK It Is Time To Get The Lead OUT !

I was amazed where the search for the above title took me.

I use to work for them when they were HP now they want to save the environment though the equipment I tested for them saved lives. The SONOS 5500

It could get messy with any more information than what I already have. I’m no longer a technician but still enjoy troubleshooting but now instead of systems it’s my business and life I have been analyzing. When analyzing systems to the component level it required engineered software to locate which Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that was causing the failure then there were specific test beds designed for each PCB with varying technical expertise pending the complexity to repair the problem of each.

This is way off from the title and what I need to do to get back on track. What I originally wanted to let my readers know is that there are plans in the making to make this an interesting blog to visit. So stick with me and let me entertain you with future post of how things are turning out by being focused.

Learning how to focus was important for me so that I can give you what learn in my life as a Road Warrior Traveler to my new chosen profession as Web Designer Broker. What do I know about web design? Not much in comparison to my peers but way more than the 65% of businesses out there who are too busy building their business to seriously take time to build a website that will GROW their business.

If one were to take the time and read my past entries since I started this blog you can see I have been around some amazing folks who know a ton about marketing online. Now I know a ton myself and know I DO NOT WANT TO SELL HOW TO MARKET ONLINE PRODUCTS.

I have been at this stuff since June of “06” finally coming to the conclusion that there is a need out there that I can fulfill a service which is, hooking the right business up with the right designer and visor verser.

Some (family) that know me take it that I might be a negative influence they should stay away from upon solid advise from their mentors. They refuse to listen to my analysis of their website not even waiting to hear why I made it in the first place thinking to themselves I am being mean. They Designed a beautiful website that they pored their heart and soul into, what could be wrong with it? Not knowing or caring what SEO means or how I know at a glance once the page is loaded something is wrong. It is such a beautiful site and think, “What does he know?” Obviously in this situation the website for this company is merely for status and does link to things the customer can use as long as their link is on the business card along side a Directors resume. Another thing I know is business. Now my only interest is increasing my customers bottom line were they can take my advice or not but should.

I know more ranting but I’m very calm and know where we have to go. But! It is time to get the lead out.

Please stand by.

I know…Where The Hell Have I Been?

I want to say sorry to those who missed my rants.

For those who didn’t miss anything it has been a while since I last posted.

Finally found out what it is that I wanted to do online, make money at and like doing it!

Design and or find website designs that will enhance a company’s bottom line not just look great with all kinds of fancy gadgets that look like something your next door neighbor’s kid whipped together on his new laptop or mac.

It’s tough to weed through all of the Prima Donna’s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prima_donna) out there who were constantly told how great their websites look as they were and still are growing up. I wish I knew everything like they think they know. I am very thankful, for learning this business backwards and wish I could have kept going to UMass Boston (http://www.umb.edu/) but that has everything to do with why I want an online business now.

In a couple of days I will be going to Podcamp Boston 4 (http://podcampboston4.eventbrite.com/)

. I went to the very first Podcamp they had at Bunker Hill Community College (http://www.bhcc.mass.edu/) I just wish I knew then what I know now but I still have no idea what to ask or even how to say what I want to ask. Now I know a few online celebrities or at least that is what they are to me.

What Is Wrong With My Blog?

This is what’s wrong with this blog it’s the lack of this…content.

This is one of two blogs.  I could feel shame, could and would but that does not put content here.  I should have been adding content on here after coming back from a weekend with some of the best information marketers in the business but obviously the economy even gets to them.  I do not sell information but I do buy it and will drive 1300 miles to  see  what makes it work.

A few days before leaving for my journey to Orlando I saw a tactic used by one of the great Gurus finding it to be quite interesting.  It was almost like this Guru knew I was coming and thought I had a lot more bucks to spend than the average internet marketer, that’s internet marketer NOT information marketer.

Buying a product from this great Guru at the end of the year in ’08 made me at least want to see what he was up to with his last minute offer.   The product purchased in ’08 from this Guru, which at the time was one of many I bought or received for free by buying other products but had no clue until coming back from Atalanta what it was or even how to use it.  Still don’t.  But if you get a hosting account which some how I now have a few of, two out of the three these accounts have what this Guru taught people how to use.  I’m not going disclosing any more information than that about the product because I want to tell you about the tactic.

Here’s how it went.  I believe if it was not for the economy my message sent via Twitter would have gone without even being noticed.  I let this Guru know through Twitter I was going to Orlando and had questions about the use of his product purchased in ’08.  The next thing I know there was an email with a great limited opportunity which was going out only to those going to the event.   It was also for those of us that might arrive early.  The limit to this mini event would be limited to five very lucky folks who he promised would make our trip worth it.  With these few hours he would teach us how we would be better off than going to the whole weekend event.  All this for a mere $300.00.  I had an interest but was not sure of my ETA to the event because another great Guru was giving away a great product which I felt as a $30.00 investment was worth putting off my journey for.  I thought about stopping at a WiFi Flying J along the way but knew how well these FREE product launches go; they don’t go well.  I was on the early bird list but like I said they don’t go well, and it still took three hours to get in.  They screwed up, got lots of my info but must have lost it in a bit bucket or something.  Never saw it show up on my credit card so I hung around this freezing cold city for nothing when I could have been baking in the Orlando sun.

I arrived in Orlando at 2:30 am Wednesday morning which was eight hours later than the lady in my GPS told me that I would arrive at in the beginning.  Because sleeping and driving don’t mix I pulled over twice, once in Virginia where I slept slightly after barely making it to the mens room of a convenient store.  A woman in the store told me that rest areas are not safe places to sleep telling me their parking area would be and  they’d keep an eye on my van.  But being parked in a handicap spot outside the door of a store with people on their way to work stopping by frequently making various kinds of noise was not helping me sleep.  Still too chilly to change into shorts and a short sleeve golf shirt it was onward until the groves they cut into the  side of the road told me it was time for a real rest.

I was in a rest area in southern North Carolina.  Keeping in mind that womans caution, I pulled to the end of the parking area after stopping in the mens room. I then hopped in the back and finally got some rest.  It was raining and there was a Sate Trooper facing the rest area which made me comfortable and nervous at the same time.  Woke up, changed into shorts and a short sleeve golf shirt.  I shot a short video before heading to Orlando.  Between road construction and now rain this slowed me down quite a bit.  I made up some time as it was getting dark and the later it got the less traffic there was.  It was now time to play leapfrog with fellow lead foots all the way to Orlando.

I put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door knob to my room and slept very well.  I had a day before the event but knew the hotels price of  bottled water.  I then  bought two cases for what a  single bottle would have cost at the hotel.  I met the folks running the event and was invited to hang with them.  They remembered me from Atlanta.  Not mentioning them here either in case they didn’t know about the IM guy with his special pre-event package.

I figured if this IM  guy was any good he would have convinced me, if there was an opening, of course, to his five person event, to pay him $300.00 to show me how to use what I bought from him in ’08.  I kept an eye out for him while hanging with the folks hosting the event that I already paid for but he never did show even though his fantastic opportunity event that was to start at 8:00 pm.

After another good nights rest from any further van lag it was now time to go to the event I paid my $200.00 minus hotel and driving expense for.  After the third speaker was finished we had a break.  I was having minor difficulties with my room so I headed to the front desk and guess who was checking in?  That’s right!  It was the “I’ll teach you more in three hours than you’ll get out of this whole weekend event;” IM guy.  While I was busy talking to the manager the IM guy checked into his room.  Guess no one else thought it was a great deal either.

No it’s the economy!

What Do I Do Now?

Well, I’ve been down so Goddam long

That it looks like up to me.

Well, Ive been down so very dam long

That it looks like up to me.

Yea, so why don’t one you people

C’mon an set me free. “Jim Morrison”

Tomorrow I go to one of my favorite places, the brace shop.  It would not be nice being in Florida next week having it  fall apart in the middle of a surprise presentation.  I know people would grimace seeing my bare pelican leg when it is out of the brace with the anticipation of a snapping sound from the hyper extended knee joint.  It is really hyper extended the brace prevents the odds of that snapping from happening.

I have been out of work for 9 years from the exact company I am bringing this brace to repair.  A young aspiring orthotists who, instead asking the patient with a prescription, thought it better to collaborate with a physiatrist a medical doctor who specializes in physical medicine, rehabilitation, and pain medicine. These spine specialists focus on the body’s musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves but in this case never saw a case of Polio in her life.  Having no clue to what atrophy was thinking muscle was going to develope from osmosis from my other leg the orthotists worked on the brace that might have helped an athlete that needed some help in the ankle area but remained clueless to the atrophy.  Can not help dead ankles with no muscle.

Well, instead of scrapping the whole brace now that the patients prescription was making sense it was decided to rebuild the bottom part of the brace only, which never seemed to align correctly causing lesions 3 inches long and an inch and a half wide which took two and half years to close and many visits to plastic surgeons to repair.

All the brace needs is five worn out straps, replace a sheared of screw and a thick piece of padded plastic and some liner and insurance should cover it but I was assured they wouldn’t.  The place where I’ll be having my brace repaired was paid for twice by the insurance company the other third by me is the FDR Center in Burington MA. 01803