Maybe It Could Have Ended Sooner

Just hearing about it was graphic enough for me but maybe if he saw what he did.

At 26 years-old the human male’s mind is way more developed than a 19 year-old.

If the News people could have asked the younger viewers to leave the room and showed THE KID what I actually saw today he would have run his brother over before the gun fight.

I am mad.

Why Not Post Today?

Usually this stuff is written in my journal. Maybe not THIS stuff.

Got an email today about a post that I wrote November 15, 2008.

This blog is connected to my Twitter account somehow because I put it that way.

It has been a long time since anything was written here.

I hate to admit it but I failed as a marketer or as a food critic which I do believe was what the entry before the last one was an attempt at.

If you know what I look like then being a food critic would be hazardous to my health.

Some how or some way I am a wanna be journalist or a novelist your basic writer with abilities to do it but I just don’t.

I could be you but you DO NOT want to be me.

Before I thought about college I wanted something but that had nothing to do with learning about writing.

Never sat down and read a whole book until I was in my twenties and a factory worker that dressed at what I thought a writer should look like when I applied for that job. It was a factory that made electronic photo typesetters. The only typing I ever did with one of these systems was to run test.

Had to stick that in there.

My present situation I do not want to be in but would still like to be a writer.

I am the father of three grown adults who are not making the best decisions about their lives.

All three of them now have grandchildren the youngest who had my oldest grandson first is homeless.

Please leave a comment if you think I should share more about them or let me know how YOU would present it. I want to write fiction not live in what it seems to be.

What Are You Looking At?

If it sounds like I have a complex or I am complex I might be.

Yep, first post of the year and where the hell have I been?

Right here.

Believe it or not I have writtin something every day since November first.

Why has it taken so long to get to here?  It was not because of my last entry which had a bad title with misspelling and or the bad grammar which ever way you look at it.  It sucked!  I know it did.  That was a rough draft of the rough draft that was just thrown up there.  That is not how I want to do things in my life and especially here this year.  I have been wanting to write something here every day since the first of the year.  Not just anything, not something rough and just thrown here I wanted to write somethong you wanted to read and maybe even send me back a scathing comment or a good word or even some advise.  I did not beat myself up knowing YOU might have had a similar problem.  I’m sure what ever your problem you could have gotten out to shovel your own snow.  My wife can barely hold a pen in her hands and does all she can do just to shovel herself out enough to get her car onto the street so she go to work.  When I was young I was able to shovel and could even walk around in snow but now being 60 pounds over weight has set my limits.  This must apparently have made me a miserable person since my physically healthy children who live near by cannot mentally fathom I have a physical disabilty and that I’m too proud to ask for their help if their mother cannot.  This Winter I have become an introvert which would surprise those who really know me and it surpises me.  I have been trapped in my house by the snow and the lack of resources to have it removed.  If I had a metal shovel and an ice breaker it would be what Ineed to eventually get  into my van that is less than six feet from the bottom of my front stairs.  What is the big fear?  If I fall I have no way of knowing how long it would take to get me up or even if cars passing by my house would see me.  I always have a cell phone on me but have you ever called 911?

My Craving Are Over Rated

I want to say that cravings in my case are over rated.

This is a story of my very last experience at Santarpio’s in Peabody back on Saturday October 2, 2010.



To say it was my worst experience anywhere, would be too much but it was my worse experience out of three visits to Santarpio’s.



This was my second visit in the Peabody pizza parlor.



I would have gone to the Peabody location for my first time around do to its easier access due to my physical limitations if they officially existed at the time.



My experience at the East Boston location was my best experience after not visiting there for 12 years.



I got severe craving to go there after seeing the brand new sign, on my way to Costco in Danvers.


I remembered the Santarpio’s name because it was the last place I saw my sister Shawn alive.

My sister was the best cook I knew, even though she was kind of like the Galloping Gourmet except she needed a little more alcohol content to stimulate her creativeness.



The point was, if you were going to eat out with her at a restaurant then you knew the food had to be great.


Who knew it was mostly low carbs and delicious?


I would be lying if I said my two first experiences at Santarpio’s were both superb but would be lying if I said my last experience on Saturday October 2, 2010 was superb.


I have no idea how much it cost to maintain a coffee machine but I’m sure there are plenty of folks like me who feel bloated from beer, soda and wine.


There are people who prefer coffee & tea.


After being in the East Boston establishment I knew there would be a few of things done differently in the Peabody parlor like taking Debit and Credit cards and making real drinks.



I was really taking a chance when I asked for a Long Island Ice Tea and should have just opted for water when my server seemed to be leery about the bar tenders ability to make my request.


I assumed when my waitress returned with a Long Island Ice Tea, instead of returning quickly so she could throw a beer in front of me, they must make them.


I saw that there were ice cubes in the drink but it was warm to the taste.


I was not going to suck it down and thought about sending it back, because I’m not a drink expert but this was no Long Island Ice Tea.


It sucked compared to what I had at the Newbridge Cafe’ in Chelsea.


On my last visit here I had beer, which is not my cup of tea.


Actually I prefer to drink alcohol in my home.


I thought if you served alcohol you must serve coffee.


My drink did look like an Ice Tea and believe me it was closer to a hot Tea in spite of all the ice cubes.


I think it might have had the right ingredients but was not shaken.  All I know after having a great Long Island Ice Tea you know when you get one that sucks.


I would have been better of with water.


The last time I was at the Peabody location they pushed me out of my seat because they were installing a TV where I was sitting for Keno.


This time around I was at the same table location from my last visit.


I sat with my back to the rail so I could stick my sticks behind me without tripping anyone.


I felt awkward were I was sitting but I do not plan on going back anyway any time real soon.


I milked my drink waiting for the food.


The drink didn’t taste too strong and I did not want to suck it down in case it was.


The Lamb & Sausage came out a quarter way through my drink.


Like the last time here the lamb was way undercooked, the sausage was overcooked looking like someone bit the end of it.


I knew what to do with the undercooked lamb from the last time I was here; had waitress take it back to finish cooking it.


I ate my hot overcooked or old sitting around sausage along with the bread and hot peppers.


My Garlic Sausage Pizza that I fully intended taking the rest of it home came out.


On my second slice of the pizza the undercooked  lamb came back with more peppers and more bread.


This is when I realized a fourth time could be a better or worse experience and a doubtful return.


If anyone ask I’ll tell them to go to the East Boston parlor for the best experience.


I did expect an as well or better experience than my last visit here but certainly did not see any value in a smaller burnt sausage possibly a leftover, extra fatty uncooked lamb and they don’t come close to the East Boston Santarpio’s with the pizza.

I rate the drink D+.


The Lamb & sausage combo D-/D-.


The pizza was minus some cheese but I do give it a B because it was delicious even later at home at room temperature.

My First Food Review

Santarpio’s Pizza of East Boston according to NECN is #1 in New England but don’t take their word, take my mine “It’s Great!!!”

This past July I was taking my wife shopping up in Danvers to Costco’s.  After passing Wendy’s in Peabody just before the turn off to Route 128 I noticed a new sign over what use to be Bennigans Grill & Tavern that was now Santarpio’s.  Santarpio’s Pizza of Peabody

A couple of weeks later  I decided to take a drive up to Peabody to check it out.  It had been well over 12 years since I went to Santarpio’s in East Boston.  It was the last time I saw my sister who was a year older than me alive.  She was now living out in California and she wanted to eat something good before she got on her plane.

There were only a few vehicles in the parking lot when I pulled in.  The doors were open when I walked in.   Two women who looked like they worked there told me they were not opened and that they were waiting for the new ovens to be installed.

It looked like nearly everything was waiting to great new customers.

I was still hungry for some lamb & sausage so I decided to take a drive down memory lane after a quick check of Google Maps seeing it was practically down the street from a former apartment I use to live in on Bennington St. in Beachmont that went right down to Chelsea St. in East Boston.

I was welcomed by everyone who worked there making me feel right at home.

I got the combo which to me was pretty much an appetizer although it had great flavor.  I had to go for a pizza ordering a sausage and cheese.

I got a chance to take a walk through their kitchen  for which a guy like me is not an easy chore because we had to move or cars or the street cleaners would have had us towed.

I listened as customers came in and to my surprise most were first timers referred by airport employees as regular customers piled into their usual seats.

When my pizza finally came out it was loaded down with cheese it looked like shit but it tasted Great.

The ambiance was not what I expected in relation to the price and of what I remembered.

I went to Santarpio’s in Peabody the day after they opened on September 16, after finding out I lost 6 pounds on top of  losing 3 upon my previous doctor visit.

The new place is Great!

The ambiance matched the prices and there seemed to be more folk from or formally from East Boston of which I have an ear for.

My Van Being Held Hostage Because of Technology

My mechanic told me I could safely drive to Cali and back to Revere with the “Check Engine” light on.

I did, without any problems.

Now after listening to my mechanic’s subordinate’s litney of senarios of what could be keeping this light on…why couldn’t he take my van right in and show me what he had to do?

I brought it in then and had no where to go, way too far to walk home, so why not do it now?

There was no crowd of people breathing down his neck.

Then was told to leave it in the parking area after hours where my vehicle made #3 for the next day.

Is he going to do something unique I should or should not see?

What kind of magic will it take so the RMV will see what I assume is, that there is nothing wrong with my van except something has caused the fuel sensor to kick on the “Check Engine” light?

Bet it’s going to cost at least an arm, they might not want either leg so the arm will have to do.

So Technically even though everything is running well it is going to cost plenty for my Inspection Sticker.


I do not know how to make amends to my readers of this blog.

If one were to read my Twitter page one would know that I pretty much do not want to intrude on anyone’s anything.

I like having followers and I understand what marketing is to me that is finding people who want to buy things.

I have nothing to sell, yet.

I have no real world freinds, know quite a few and have met many peolple in person that I saw online.

I also met in person folks that are recluse and should stay that way.

I cannot show people who I am inside but feel I am judged in many different ways from my outside apperence.

When I go down to the part of the beach where my mothers ashes were spread to meditate and breathe in the fresh ocean air I see people of all walks of life walking for their health.

I’m one of those folks not affraid to look others in the eye and know enough after some bad experiences not to look too long and will nod or verbalky say hi.

What is odd is that Nine out of Ten are too wrapped in fear or whatever to bother to nod or say high.

Are those the folks that would walk by if I were on the ground bleeding?

What has this got to do with the title of this post?

Do you think these people would say nothing if I were paying their rent?

I am ashamed at my behavior toward my sister at the end of my mother’s days not being good at being the oldest brother in my heart.

My values are different from both my younger siblings as I know it’s not all about money and status because without either, who are we?

My mother abandoned us as her children when we moved out of our home.

She helped  my family when there was nowhere else to go but it was for a price.

My mothers new family her true new family was …I cannot tell you because it is supposed to be Anonymous.

With my mother I felt no shame and was not used so where am I going to get back to the title and why?

It was the founder of NAMS that makes me ashamed?

Ashamed of what?

Of my self for not taking an action on my own!

NAMS just made me feel used, like a John.

Someone to pay the rent for the event, to get some swag, even brining some of my own to throw into the pot.

I’m standing there talking to the head of security of this famous hotel and the guy running the event walks by without any questions?

Obviously I am releasing anger and I am over everything, by getting ready to start over.

I would have left some links to the dinks but no advertising is what they deserve.

I hope to better serve you all in the future blog post.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Mental Vs. Physical

I doubt I have clinical depression but believe me I do get depressed.

This past Mother’s Day was a tearing of events as far as my commitment to my mother’s wish to have her ashes distributed into the surf of Revere Beach and having my daughter’s boyfriend letting me know how they felt I was an asshole, all of which was fed from and related to alcohol.

Today is Wednesday and it was not a terrible physical journey to get to this keyboard as much as it was a mental hurdle.

Most of my getting here is mental.

I think about how hard it is to get here and as you can see almost never arrive.

When my mother couldn’t get somewhere it was because her oxygen level was low.

When I have a tough day it is because they did not put a scheduled movie on Comcast then they tell me it will take 48 hours to put it there but if I spoke Spanish I could see it now, I have it at my command for 2 days but my Spanish sucks for this mistake of not seeing beyond the title.

The last time I was on here they took my mother into the hospital as I tried to make my first dollar online in a contest they had at NAMS3.

I was in Atlanta helping to pay the rent for NAMS 3 after driving 1100 miles.

I had a nights rest but had a sucky attitude for this event.

Then on Saturday after a day of listening to stuff I already knew I learned my mother went into the hospital and looking down from the phone noticed my ipod was stolen.

My stolen ipod took my mind off of my mother’s visit to the hospital.  She was just there at Thanksgiving and was leg pressing 225 Lbs. just 2 weeks prior to this phone call.

Not knowing how serious her visit was at this time I rested a day before heading to the hospital after my long drive.

When I saw my mother I knew the end of her road was in sight.

I stayed by her side for 14 days.

More days than I visited her in the past Five years.

She was gone on February 17, 2010.

Should I Be Ashamed ?

I can only hope I didn’t let down the few folks who stop by here who don’t say anything and just look shaking their head because they know there should be a lot more stuff here.

Like when one of those folks who pass by your blog online but give you comments when you meet them in person.

To me what I did could have got me in some deep shit with the FTC whoever they are because I did not have a clear understanding of what I was doing but feel I was more than protected by the great folks atNAMS3 .

I have some serious stuff going on in my life right now which has something to do with my mother being rushed  to the hospital last Friday while at NAMS3.

You know I’m old, just imagine how old my mother is.

Before I saw her in the hospital when I got back I never pictured her to look her age as she did.

My brother and my wife have been at her side everyday while I was at NAMS.

My sister does not know her mother; stating this when she realized my mother moved in close by.

My sister thought it would be too much of a strain to check in on her own 77 year old mother who lived a few country blocks away.

Of course that was my mothers fault for looking younger than 77.

I watch movies like SAW but I’m more in awe of people in real life.

Like people who walk right by an assault at the “T” not wanting to get involved.

But your own mother?

My mother’s condition might not have got to this point if she had a daughter.

You might think I did this to make some one feel guilty but they are incapable of such feelings.

Last Day At NAMS3

I have to confess it was not the best weekend I ever had but it was worth remembering and writing about.

I have to get up every day doing more than most do just to get dressed but less as far working both of which have their limit.

I have been given a lot of credit for doing things but others can’t see why.

I was under the impression that people were under the impression that I’m not a positive type a guy but they’re wrong.

I could say you should not got to this link for me but for them but it would have to be up to you if you want what is there.

Can you tell I’m kind of cooked from this weekend?


Quiet Ride Home

Hope to be able to focus today at Nams 3 after a hotel employee or an invisible person stole my ipod from my room.

Security says I left the door open and nobody but trusted employees showed up on the video from the camera right outside my room.

I never had trust issues at the Crowne Plaza here in Atlanta now I cannot wait to get out of here.

I know I shut the door as I checked my pocket for the card to get back in the room.


I had a hell of a time getting this link up on this page then it happened, I finally asked for directions.

Us men are like that, yes we are.

Please Tell Me Which Guru Knows

Here I was at NAMS3 when 6 very well dressed Guru’s except for Joey where doing there info overload routine.

Can you decide which one knows their stuff or are they all full of stuff?

Social Media

Buy This Help Me Win

Hope I Do This Right Its For YOU


I hope you had a great Christmas and that you’re ready to bring in the new year.

But before then, I wanted to remind you that Beyond Blogging launches in just 24 hours! I think this is going to be a huge book for the blogging community, so I wanted to remind you to get ready to head over to the site to get your order in early.

Nathan and Mike are having a midnight (EST) launch, so it might be fun to be among the first to get your copy!

Anyway, I’ll send you a reminder – the net should be buzzing with Tweets and all kinds of stuff about the book – and this time tomorrow you could be reading your own copy!

Best Wishes

NAMS3 What’s Next?

What’s next or Now What?

I drove straight through from Boston (Revere) with two cat naps ending in jammed traffic in downtown Atlanta; only thing I was thinking of was Mickey D’s for breakfast then bed.

After attending this event for the third time, not making a dime and spending many, I was leery if anyone would speak to me or even look at me for doing nothing.

I tried sleeping after I unpacked but just closed my eyes for a couple of hours.

Checked my email.

I felt so slymey for not doing anything besides putting a few blogs out there with two webstites that are not built the way they should have been which is to make some of the thousands of dollarts back that I have spent of my wife’s hard earned money.

Folks, I say folks because I don’t want to feel like I’m just talking to me, evrything is there in all of these media but if YOU don’t do anything they aren’t going to do a thing for you.

I’ve come to these events early and nobody is usually around except those doiong thier presentations or running the event but along with a couple of speakers there were 45 people.

I know the hotel was happy but all I wanted was a supper a glass of wine and go to bed.

I went from feeling like a dog who shit all over the furniture to feeling pretty good about my self after some, to me, famous people went out of their way to welcome me.

WTH? Has It Been That Long?

I have not been in a deep sleep but things sure seem different since I was here last.

Been putting off this entry for a while but seems that it was too long.

I have something else going on here besides this here blog.

As far as I know I still have a memory but I did not remember I had a blank WordPress blog.

I know Godaddy might know I have something there but I didn’t think it was at WP.

That is what information overload can do to you.

I have been out of the loop as one can see for quite some time and for those who have stopped by and thought lowly of me I am sorry.

I let you down you’re not supposed to put blogs up for yourself.

I have a personal journal for you not to see.

I thought what was happening in my life would not interest you but it could be part of your life, that was effecting mine.

Coping with mild depression without drugs even the self medicating type can make it a struggle.

I once was a force in the work force but was taken down and out of it because of a professional’s mistake.

That professional was a leg brace maker who made a brace instead of supporting my leg put a whole in the back of my ankle.

It has taken me out of the work force and I am a force when I get back to it.

Now there is no way I could have a boss even though on my last days in the Work Force the temp agency was my boss now YOU are my boss.

Tell me what should I be doing with all of this time I have on my hands?

Once again for the third time I’m going to drive almost 1200 miles to be with like minded people who are doing what I would like to do and a great percentageg are making money doing it.

I keep telling myself you cannot make SHIT if you do nothing.

I wish I could say I do nothing but I am up at 5:00 AM every day and read post of people I admire and would like to post like 7 days a week.

These folks are making money and many have grammar problems that irk me but their content is so great it is easy to overlook.

But you know what?




Now it is my turn.


Hold my feet to the fire.

This is a whimpy entry without link backs so if you stumble upon this just leave a comment of any type.

I don’t care of you call me a dick, duck or a stupid fuck, anything would be a start.

In the next couple of months I plan on reviving everything I’m doing.

I would like to get sponsors for what I like to do and that is travel by car far in the US.

My future plans are stopping at actual locations where Route 66 the TV series was shot and go to where the first episode was shot and go to where it was supposed be before they decided to go to actual locations and see if they are still there.

I will also be critiquing each episode.

What do you think?

My eyes are bluring,  glasses migh be fix for this, got to go.


OK It Is Time To Get The Lead OUT !

I was amazed where the search for the above title took me.

I use to work for them when they were HP now they want to save the environment though the equipment I tested for them saved lives. The SONOS 5500

It could get messy with any more information than what I already have. I’m no longer a technician but still enjoy troubleshooting but now instead of systems it’s my business and life I have been analyzing. When analyzing systems to the component level it required engineered software to locate which Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that was causing the failure then there were specific test beds designed for each PCB with varying technical expertise pending the complexity to repair the problem of each.

This is way off from the title and what I need to do to get back on track. What I originally wanted to let my readers know is that there are plans in the making to make this an interesting blog to visit. So stick with me and let me entertain you with future post of how things are turning out by being focused.

Learning how to focus was important for me so that I can give you what learn in my life as a Road Warrior Traveler to my new chosen profession as Web Designer Broker. What do I know about web design? Not much in comparison to my peers but way more than the 65% of businesses out there who are too busy building their business to seriously take time to build a website that will GROW their business.

If one were to take the time and read my past entries since I started this blog you can see I have been around some amazing folks who know a ton about marketing online. Now I know a ton myself and know I DO NOT WANT TO SELL HOW TO MARKET ONLINE PRODUCTS.

I have been at this stuff since June of “06” finally coming to the conclusion that there is a need out there that I can fulfill a service which is, hooking the right business up with the right designer and visor verser.

Some (family) that know me take it that I might be a negative influence they should stay away from upon solid advise from their mentors. They refuse to listen to my analysis of their website not even waiting to hear why I made it in the first place thinking to themselves I am being mean. They Designed a beautiful website that they pored their heart and soul into, what could be wrong with it? Not knowing or caring what SEO means or how I know at a glance once the page is loaded something is wrong. It is such a beautiful site and think, “What does he know?” Obviously in this situation the website for this company is merely for status and does link to things the customer can use as long as their link is on the business card along side a Directors resume. Another thing I know is business. Now my only interest is increasing my customers bottom line were they can take my advice or not but should.

I know more ranting but I’m very calm and know where we have to go. But! It is time to get the lead out.

Please stand by.

I know…Where The Hell Have I Been?

I want to say sorry to those who missed my rants.

For those who didn’t miss anything it has been a while since I last posted.

Finally found out what it is that I wanted to do online, make money at and like doing it!

Design and or find website designs that will enhance a company’s bottom line not just look great with all kinds of fancy gadgets that look like something your next door neighbor’s kid whipped together on his new laptop or mac.

It’s tough to weed through all of the Prima Donna’s ( out there who were constantly told how great their websites look as they were and still are growing up. I wish I knew everything like they think they know. I am very thankful, for learning this business backwards and wish I could have kept going to UMass Boston ( but that has everything to do with why I want an online business now.

In a couple of days I will be going to Podcamp Boston 4 (

. I went to the very first Podcamp they had at Bunker Hill Community College ( I just wish I knew then what I know now but I still have no idea what to ask or even how to say what I want to ask. Now I know a few online celebrities or at least that is what they are to me.

What Is Wrong With My Blog?

This is what’s wrong with this blog it’s the lack of this…content.

This is one of two blogs.  I could feel shame, could and would but that does not put content here.  I should have been adding content on here after coming back from a weekend with some of the best information marketers in the business but obviously the economy even gets to them.  I do not sell information but I do buy it and will drive 1300 miles to  see  what makes it work.

A few days before leaving for my journey to Orlando I saw a tactic used by one of the great Gurus finding it to be quite interesting.  It was almost like this Guru knew I was coming and thought I had a lot more bucks to spend than the average internet marketer, that’s internet marketer NOT information marketer.

Buying a product from this great Guru at the end of the year in ’08 made me at least want to see what he was up to with his last minute offer.   The product purchased in ’08 from this Guru, which at the time was one of many I bought or received for free by buying other products but had no clue until coming back from Atalanta what it was or even how to use it.  Still don’t.  But if you get a hosting account which some how I now have a few of, two out of the three these accounts have what this Guru taught people how to use.  I’m not going disclosing any more information than that about the product because I want to tell you about the tactic.

Here’s how it went.  I believe if it was not for the economy my message sent via Twitter would have gone without even being noticed.  I let this Guru know through Twitter I was going to Orlando and had questions about the use of his product purchased in ’08.  The next thing I know there was an email with a great limited opportunity which was going out only to those going to the event.   It was also for those of us that might arrive early.  The limit to this mini event would be limited to five very lucky folks who he promised would make our trip worth it.  With these few hours he would teach us how we would be better off than going to the whole weekend event.  All this for a mere $300.00.  I had an interest but was not sure of my ETA to the event because another great Guru was giving away a great product which I felt as a $30.00 investment was worth putting off my journey for.  I thought about stopping at a WiFi Flying J along the way but knew how well these FREE product launches go; they don’t go well.  I was on the early bird list but like I said they don’t go well, and it still took three hours to get in.  They screwed up, got lots of my info but must have lost it in a bit bucket or something.  Never saw it show up on my credit card so I hung around this freezing cold city for nothing when I could have been baking in the Orlando sun.

I arrived in Orlando at 2:30 am Wednesday morning which was eight hours later than the lady in my GPS told me that I would arrive at in the beginning.  Because sleeping and driving don’t mix I pulled over twice, once in Virginia where I slept slightly after barely making it to the mens room of a convenient store.  A woman in the store told me that rest areas are not safe places to sleep telling me their parking area would be and  they’d keep an eye on my van.  But being parked in a handicap spot outside the door of a store with people on their way to work stopping by frequently making various kinds of noise was not helping me sleep.  Still too chilly to change into shorts and a short sleeve golf shirt it was onward until the groves they cut into the  side of the road told me it was time for a real rest.

I was in a rest area in southern North Carolina.  Keeping in mind that womans caution, I pulled to the end of the parking area after stopping in the mens room. I then hopped in the back and finally got some rest.  It was raining and there was a Sate Trooper facing the rest area which made me comfortable and nervous at the same time.  Woke up, changed into shorts and a short sleeve golf shirt.  I shot a short video before heading to Orlando.  Between road construction and now rain this slowed me down quite a bit.  I made up some time as it was getting dark and the later it got the less traffic there was.  It was now time to play leapfrog with fellow lead foots all the way to Orlando.

I put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door knob to my room and slept very well.  I had a day before the event but knew the hotels price of  bottled water.  I then  bought two cases for what a  single bottle would have cost at the hotel.  I met the folks running the event and was invited to hang with them.  They remembered me from Atlanta.  Not mentioning them here either in case they didn’t know about the IM guy with his special pre-event package.

I figured if this IM  guy was any good he would have convinced me, if there was an opening, of course, to his five person event, to pay him $300.00 to show me how to use what I bought from him in ’08.  I kept an eye out for him while hanging with the folks hosting the event that I already paid for but he never did show even though his fantastic opportunity event that was to start at 8:00 pm.

After another good nights rest from any further van lag it was now time to go to the event I paid my $200.00 minus hotel and driving expense for.  After the third speaker was finished we had a break.  I was having minor difficulties with my room so I headed to the front desk and guess who was checking in?  That’s right!  It was the “I’ll teach you more in three hours than you’ll get out of this whole weekend event;” IM guy.  While I was busy talking to the manager the IM guy checked into his room.  Guess no one else thought it was a great deal either.

No it’s the economy!

What Do I Do Now?

Well, I’ve been down so Goddam long

That it looks like up to me.

Well, Ive been down so very dam long

That it looks like up to me.

Yea, so why don’t one you people

C’mon an set me free. “Jim Morrison”

Tomorrow I go to one of my favorite places, the brace shop.  It would not be nice being in Florida next week having it  fall apart in the middle of a surprise presentation.  I know people would grimace seeing my bare pelican leg when it is out of the brace with the anticipation of a snapping sound from the hyper extended knee joint.  It is really hyper extended the brace prevents the odds of that snapping from happening.

I have been out of work for 9 years from the exact company I am bringing this brace to repair.  A young aspiring orthotists who, instead asking the patient with a prescription, thought it better to collaborate with a physiatrist a medical doctor who specializes in physical medicine, rehabilitation, and pain medicine. These spine specialists focus on the body’s musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves but in this case never saw a case of Polio in her life.  Having no clue to what atrophy was thinking muscle was going to develope from osmosis from my other leg the orthotists worked on the brace that might have helped an athlete that needed some help in the ankle area but remained clueless to the atrophy.  Can not help dead ankles with no muscle.

Well, instead of scrapping the whole brace now that the patients prescription was making sense it was decided to rebuild the bottom part of the brace only, which never seemed to align correctly causing lesions 3 inches long and an inch and a half wide which took two and half years to close and many visits to plastic surgeons to repair.

All the brace needs is five worn out straps, replace a sheared of screw and a thick piece of padded plastic and some liner and insurance should cover it but I was assured they wouldn’t.  The place where I’ll be having my brace repaired was paid for twice by the insurance company the other third by me is the FDR Center in Burington MA. 01803

Confused Is Not The Word For My Dilemma

It all started January 27 of this year.

I was taking action while hoping to beat some of this New England weather at the same time. I have been trying to cut through the crap of this Internet marketing stuff finally finding some regular folks at a regular price down there in Atlanta at NAMS. I know basically my business is to help businesses that are not on-line to get on-line. This is my business right? If those businesses knew what I am going through right now to get everything straight so I can help and dare charge money to get them, on-line I would then become invisible.

I have a GoDaddy account for my domain name that I did not know I already own the correct one of. The domain at name at Godaddy is I tried getting Millennium Resources LLC not realizing that I already own it through I then needed a hosting account so that I could become a WordPress Expert which I thought was going to be a walk in the park, singing up for a HostGator account for that. Some expert said some time back, since I’ve been at this since May 2008 it could have been any one of them, that your domain name and your hosting accounts should be separate.

I can see why many companies never get on-line just from what I am getting confused about. This is my business right? I built my first web page with Adobe Golive 4.0 but never got it published. It was not that hard to do using that software especially after learning code from Laura Lemay’s “Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 4 IN 14 Days” Second Edition. I always felt blogs were easier than web pages to build but somehow everything seems tainted.

Now I’m getting ready for a drive to Orlando to Willie’s Birthday Bash to meet up with some of the same folks that were at NAMS; I’m hoping to walk away from it with a peace of mind. I have found a model for what my business should be like and will be preparing my business plan for the event with great hopes of landing a Joint Venture. I love marketing and writing never realizing that both would meet as they did at UMass Boston.

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I Cannot Let MY EWP Mistake Beat ME!

Should have realized from the poor communication in the very beginning that we should have just got our money back.

We were  just doing what one would hope someone would do for us and that would be to give us the benefit of a doubt.

When they were not even aware that they use a gatekeeper type software, (Un-Professional) that alone should have been yelling in my ear.

They only want your money that is why they made it impossible to contact them.

We really can not blame them totally our eyes were on the prize instead of watching where we were going.

The most pure example of how bad EWP is how I can blog here without much effort for free;

and on my EWP site I need to watch content-less videos taking me around the world instead of step by step as was the selling point to where I have a Blog with lots of gadgets doing nothing when they should be making money…and all of this for under $130.00.

How Nice!

We now have a hosting account with all of this EWP crap on it.

In the meantime we could have had a web site and a blog built by using the software the hosting account has built in.

We learned so much from this very bad experience.

It is not over because at the least we can salvage a blog site for my company.

I drove 937 mi. to Atlanta to hook up with my peers who know how paralyzed we all can  get.

Feel like we (MRLLC) were the only ones who bought EWP becoming paralyzed not by analysis but by taking the plunge setting our company back in lost time  trying to figure out something so simple?

When we get this simplicity figured out we’ll have a great blog to let future customers know why they should let the professionals build their blogs and web sites for them.

I see I’ll be taking my own advice and a professional build my business blog and web site for me.

I Have For Free For What EWP Charged !

How stupid thinking by buying their product it would help me?

Knowing that  going  on here my WordPress blog for free to edit my about me, ad links, pictures, ad sense we had to ask.

What were we thinking.

The good thing is I have 2 things I did need.

A GoDaddy and a HostGator account.

We know neither of them are being used correctly.

Now I have to clean up the mess that EWP left on my hosting account.

I have been thrown off the horse quite a few times trying to start my business and refuse to be another statistic by some greedy after work  cash cow scammer.

I want this to be my job not my hobby.

How can someone take something that is free and charge people?

Had a delayed reaction after hearing it in a webinar how we were being scammed which could have been worse.

I cried when reality hit me.

We were being talked into this with the free $97.00 monthly charge being waived.

Really thought these guys were experts!

I learned how to be an expert alright!

Gives my business a purpose which is to be out there protecting the business who realized the importance of marketing a web site and a blog to grow their business with online traffic which turns into foot traffic.

My company already got ripped off  for them using up huge chunks of time by  translating steps that are not in a strait line but were a mess of going back and fourth steps with no direction taking steps out of sync not to mention major steps that should be taken well before you even start.

There are no links here because I am pissed that I drove over 1200 miles thinking I would hook up with some answers by finding Experts who are not.

Is It A GoDaddy or A Nodaddy?

I thought GoDaddy would contact me but actually it does not state that anywhere so another assumption one must take on their own initiative to achieve what one wants.

I will be conquering my fears by going for it all today.

Did I make a mistake going to the Warrior Forum to check out GoDaddy that did not have many good reviews?

In earlier post on this blog my claiming my vast knowledge over the average web user is going to bite me in the ass when it comes to learning the ropes to hosting my first company WordPress blog which ironically is going to be on advice on how to select website builders and services for their company specifics.


I have to make the attempt before I fail.

That is my rant for today.

Check out my other blog and see how I hung myself there at 50’s the new 30’s.

Valentines Day Do Not Forget!

Yes I will drop what I am doing right now to make sure my honey of 33 years gets a Valentines Day gift even if I die in the process.

You can NOT buy a Christmas present and get away with it because that day is for the kids…even when things get tough.

You can NOT buy a Birthday gift but you would seriously be at  great risk especially if you do not have printer with  stock to make a card for an emergency backup.

You HAVE to… no matter what buy a Valentines Day gift and Card even if you are in the hospital; have them wheel your bed down to the gift shop or you wont be leaving that hospital.

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope Help Will Stay Around When It’s Needed

I never made an outline for this post so here it goes.

Is it AADHD that I have or is because I’m aJoneser ?

The last thing I expected was to have someone from GoDaddy reading my blog post and offering to help me out.

It was so frustrating that of course I whined on my blog but got a tweet offering for help also.

Was told by GoDaddy While your hosting account is now active, it typically takes between 24-48 hours before your hosting account is ready for you to upload your Web site.

I think it is something that should definitely be added to the training video I was following; this “little thing” like the waiting period along with how to set up your  GoDaddy account that is not mentioned or thought of in the video.

Seriously, no, seriously I have forgotten more about designing web pages using HTML, Visual Basic among other things “thinking” this stuff should be a lot easier not more difficult to set up.

Like when I visited my daughters MySpace page one day while she was in between apartments staying at my house using my wife’s laptop I saw a pretty good  MySpace blog then a few days later it was a whole new theme and design.

The first thing I said to myself was, “She doesn’t know one thing about HTML how did she do that?”

Then  found out that her friends and cousins I knew who barely knew how to turn on a computer also had these great looking  MySpace blogs.

I got hold of a couple of these template thingys and manipulated some of the code then someone put a block on a picture I drove a couple thousand miles to take.

It was a picture personally taken by me of a Route 66 emblem painted on Route 66 the highway in Kansas.

Back to the AADHD theJoneser I talked about in the beginning.

As far a the AADHD thing I am suppose to be building my business but I let some company called MyCorporation do my legwork for me so now sounding foolish to my peers when the only thing  stopping me from becoming affiliates with companies I paid to do so with I cannot because since December 3, 2008 been waiting for my Articles of Incorporation.

The Joneserthing;  after a ton of research done on the Baby Boomer market I was taken aback finding it to be the toughest but largest market segment to do business in  and being a Joneser narrows an area of that market segment for my company.

Why Is Downloading WordPress So Difficult?

I got my GoDaddy web hosting account intending to get it with my company name that was not available but ended up settling with the word “online” added to the end of it which was available.

When I chose GoDaddy going to their web page one would think it would take a couple of steps to download WordPress since there was a banner add proudly displayed it on their site.


It could be my eyes need new glasses; it has been a while since my last prescription. It seems lately I can not read much more than a chapter in a book at a time before my vision becomes blurry.

Maybe I was missing something in the step by step instructions.

Being on the computers most of the day then deciding later in the evening to make a company blog using instructions I got at NAMS a workshop I attended in Atlanta.

I even had video.

I am blaming my self of course having a mild flu has not helped either.

I realized last night where and how I actually picked up the flu germ.

I drove to Atlanta after stopping in Orlando Florida first seeing a cousin I have not seen in 37 years.

It was great seeing him and I would be lying to say he didn’t change much.

He resembled my uncle that I last saw at my cousins present age and his daughters looked a lot like my other cousins use to when they were their age.

My original plan was to go straight to Atlanta then go see my cousin in Florida.

I had talked to my cousin about the business I was getting into and he sounded like he might have had an interested in going to NAMS but the economy was a factor in his case as well as mine so I shot down there for a quick visit staying tow nights before going to Atlanta.

It was midweek and he had to work.

I made my Doge Minivan into a mini sleeper after my first day of rest there getting it ready before heading to Atalanta.

Started out from Orlando at 6:00 AM Friday the 30th.

Checked in at 2:30 PM at the CROWNE PLAZA ATLANTA missed two of the scheduled speakers but was on time to listen to the last speaker of the afternoon where I got the flu germ, thinking at the time how bad could it be drinking from an empty used glass.

After drinking from it when it was too late my germ phobia kicked in and asked people if they saw who drank from the glass.

Sensing my phobia, they told me some guy who could not stop coughing with a runny nose drank out of it.

Real funny, it was only a mild flu, but real funny!

Last night before deciding to pick up my hosting account I was listening to a podcast from Lynn Terry who was the last of the afternoon speakers at NAMS.

Guess what Lynn Terry was carying around with her at NAMS, the flu.

That was what she said in her podcast.

I would certainly assume that the empty glass was Lynn Terry.

I know It’s About Time!

Glad I never made any New Years resolutions.

Get a comment on this blog and it is someone who wants to help with everything I have been wanting to to with it but have not.

Committed myself to Blog at least three time a week starting the 6th on both blogs and one for my New Business that has not been started yet along with a top notch web page.

But let everything slide because my official paper work is still in transit…so they say.

This would be a great place to put a link to their web site but I do not believe in giving a company that is not doing such a great job free advertising.

Don’t write enough to get writers block but sometimes do not have the words unless it is something I have a passion for.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

How To Survive Being Laid Off – Is A Controllable State Of Mind

My wife has every reason in the world to be angry and scared!
Not only is the economy bleak her disabled husband on a fixed income is trying to increase their income doing the only thing he can do which is trying Internet Marketing.

We had a pretty good income considering the situation for a family of four in their first home they ever bought; almost loosing it by being laid off two weeks before signing papers in 1995. Before we were ever even considered for finance for the house we had to write letters to companies we owed to see if we could settle our debts to clear up our credit report which we got squeaky clean.

I got laid off just as we were about to sign papers, it was devastating. We had no idea what to say to the agent from the Realtor. When we finally did tell her she said to me, “You have to get a job!”

Like I was going to find a job after working 23 years for one company?

Who would hire me?

I needed a job with benefits even though my weekly income with insurance included would not change for Eleven months due to a great severance package.

To qualify for the financing I needed a job with insurance.

What was the worse thing that could happen at this point?

We could stay in our swiss cheese apartment which was the only explanation for going through some serious fuel consumption or it was being evenly distributed to the two apartments below us.

I had two weeks to get a job with insurance benefits and have our own home to heat.

The other benefit I had working at one company for 23 years was the education they paid for, my Business Degree from Newbury College. It was what gave me an ability to write a great Resume’ and enough experience in many departments that had everything to do with electronics and the latest salable technologies skill sets.

The best thing happened the week following the lay off was there was an Electronics Job Fair in Boston.
With a hand full of Resume’s I gave one to every booth, talked to a half dozen recruiters and got two future interviews but nothing right then an there. Not feeling very lucky on the Electronics side of the Job Fair I decided to cross the isle into the Sales and Marketing world.

With no official sales or marketing skills I handed my resume’ to recruiters who rolled their eyes in their heads after seeing it. “Sorry.” They would say. Then there was a man standing there. I gave this man my spiel instead of my Resume’ and landed it my job with insurance benefits.

What was the job?

It was a Telemarketing job selling Pagers and Beepers to businesses.

My goal at Pagenet was to climb to the top and then buy the company.

With cell phones showing some serious competition with vibration, beeps with talking abilities instead of running to some snot covered public phones my job became tougher and there was no need to have a sales manager telling us we needed to work harder.

After a two months I gave two weeks notice.

I was an electronic technician temp finally landing a job in a company I only dreamed of working in HP. I was only a temp and when your a temp in a place like HP they let you know it. But I made more money than they did I didn’t let them know that.

Money not being everything I worked closer to home for less money in pay but also less in gas and time spent getting there.

As electronic firms outsourced, electronic jobs dwindled, contracts got shorter and skill levels went up.
I liked the money that was coming but my body was saying stop. If I was a permanent employee they would have fired me or laid me off for all the time taking off because of a poorly built leg brace. I had no time while being tortured while expecting a brace repair that basically put an end to my career.

For two years my wife’s job was the only income while I was unable to work before getting on SSDI.

We live in our own house which is modest at best for a description.

Now it is my wifes turn for a lay off and in her anticipation she has been on edge forcing me to cut my cost. It is not a lot of money going out but when nothing is coming in, at all, I have to at least make up what was all ready spent and use that knowledge to get some continuity for what I do know instead giving it away on what I don’t know or really need. I don’t want to get paid out of my desperation just want to help those who need it if I can.

No Refridgerator Since November 4, 2008

I know what a whining and complaining old fart!

Here’s my the day before Christmas sory.

In 2003 my daughter was in need of a new refrigerator because her landlord’s was piece of crap.

As parents with not much income to buy them a new one we decided to upgrade ours and gave my daughter our
twelve year old GE fridge.

It served its purpose for us  working well and still is today.

If you read anything  written by me then you know I  have
no faith in warranties But on November fourth  if  we had a five year warranty my new fridge would have been repaired for free.

But what the heck!

Hearing the motor running now makes me think, “Motor working, freezer freezing why does a bottle of water STILL feel like it came out of a cabinet instead of being thirst quenching cold?”

The First repair
was fast after seeing what is cost was a relief getting the final total on the bill.  It was low enough that the logic of buying a new fridge was not necessary.  We were inconvenienced by having to take all our food out of our freezer and then turning the fridge off for tow days.  The fridge worked through Thanksgiving then the problem came back.

The Second repair making sure the new technician had no interference doing what was needed I went in the other room to work until he was done.  He was talking out loud to himself quite a bit commenting on the first guys work leaving me with the same exact parts that first guy left.  He told me it should be OK in a few hours.  A few hours later the inside of the fridge was at cabinet temperature again.  I called the  service people who told me to wait 24 hours for the repair to take effect. In the meantime all I could think of was how the food will go bad again.

The Third repair was being done by the same guy that came the last time.  Thought for sure this was it! It gets fixed today.  NOT! I know that procrastinating is something for me to eliminate in “09” but does not make a difference to my fridge.  I called the service people who set up the appointments trying to get past the gatekeepers and talk to the boss of these guys.  All I got was someone will be there the day after Christmas.

Might have to think about a new fridge but it will not be
New GE.

Where is the Quality?

In spite of this burp in my life I’m hoping for a great holiday get together with my family.

An to anyone who should stop by Happy Holidays and Great New Year!

It’s Christmas Season Let’s Do A Product Launch

I am sitting here wondering what it is I should buy my family for Christmas.

On a fixed income what do I have extra to spend on my family?

I spent that all ready!

On what you ask?

On  lots of very inexpensive IM products.

They’re not working for me because I’m an idiot without an attention span and absolutely no FOCUS.

I signed up for product to help me with that.

Now my Christmas funds are depleted.

I did get a job offer from one IM company but lost the opportunity by moving that email from Outlook to Gmail to reply which tainted my response.

I know many who read this think I am just a whining little baby loser but… I have not hit Rock Bottom!

Why, does the core requirement have be starting from Rock Bottom?

All I want is to have some income not a hobby!

Why does one have to jump through hoops, climb mountains, and swim the English Channel  to find the couple of pieces to the 500 piece puzzle of the IM game.

I have to admit that I have turned this blog into my Sounding Board and sooner or later someone will tell me to stop the whining.

Being a Boomer I know what  a Value Added or a Non-Value Added real content filled product is.

I can tell you who the few Real Gurus are but the Ones that Are Not do not need my Negative Endorsement so they can use it to sell you a Ridiculously Over Priced course.

They say things like, “How much is that person that Criticised me making?

Of course it makes feel like crap but if they knew what I had to offer in return they would be knocking at my door, screw the tons of useless emails.

Boomers want Quality!

I thought it Stomped its way to me then it quietly crawled away!

Lately, like Guru profits they claim to double, triple and go up to five times…so have my emails!

With all of the product launches out now, Just in Time For Christmas I realize it has nothing to do with this country and the world being in a recession, that does not happen to them, it’s just that Gurus figure why spend that extra imaginary Money on foolish family presents when you can look smelly be overweight and make Millions!

This is the time to help others not because it’s Christmas because we are in a recession and everyone is looking to increase their income.

I don’t know about you but if I were making  the gobs of money these Gurus are claiming, I’d have a contest to win their  product totally free following through by showing them exactly how to use it like they did.

Don’t they call that PR?

Why give the product to someone (Guru) who does not need it because they all ready know how?

Why waste the product on a Guru who will just throw it on a shelf because they’re too busy running their own business?

That’s what confuses me about these very high priced product launches.

You know who their helping.

I guess they (Gurus) don’t know the internet is not srinking and there is nothing wrong with spredding the wealth.

This Is Not An Emergency, So Why?

Today it is my turn to help out my brother in-law, maybe.

Ed is going to see his doctor today and I might be coming back without him.  He is a typical guy like I use to be before I accepted the fact I am limited to what I can do.  I can drive! I might be, because he is a typical guy, the one driving him to the west side of Boston.

The last time I took Ed to Boston it was in an Emergency.

You might know an Ed. I do not remember what I was doing at the time but I got a call from my wife saying that Ed couldn’t breathe.  She was crying on the phone!  Caroline and her sister were stuck in a traffic jam on Route 1 in Saugus which at the time was a long three lane parking lot.  I dropped what I was doing and was the first to arrive on the scene.  No idea how he got on the landing to open the door to his house but he did not look well.  He was having a tough time breathing.  I knew right then an there that this was an ambulance type of situation.  I was about to dial 911 when Ed said, “Don’t… if you call an ambulance I’ll lock the door and no one will get in.”  Does Ed sound like someone you know?

Who else did my wife call?

The next thing I know my niece, Ed’s step daughter, arrives on the scene with her daughter.  I’m thinking to my self, I might be a useless crippled guy but what are they doing here?  My niece got a similar call from my wife.  She grabbed her neighbor, who she never even spoke with before this night happened , for the ride over.

Who would arrive next?

My youngest daughter was next to arrive with her boyfriend and my grandson.  They got the crying call also.  At least someone was there, my daughter’s boyfriend,  to help Ed get into my vehicle.  I was counting on emergency personal at the hospital help him out of the vehicle.  My niece was taking the ride with her daughter.

Ed’s wife arrives!

Kenny helped  Ed into my vehicle after pulling it up to the stairs by going over the curb and part of the lawn.  After Ed was buckled in that’s when my wife and her sister pulled up joining our own little traffic jam.  Ed’s wife said she would take her granddaughter in my wife’s vehicle and meet us at the hospital.  Ed’s four year old  grandaugher was clueless to what was going on because nothing can hurt Papa.  I told my wife to grab my Garmin GPS device in case I would be coming home by myself.   It had not even sunk in what was happening as I was in, reaction mode.

On the way to the hospital.

My niece a twenty something for at least the next couple of years was sitting comfortably in the back of the vehicle making and receiving call after call keeping everyone informed of what was going on.  I guess there was a purpose for her being there though some of the calls I heard had noting to do with Ed.  I knew where I was going but not exactly.  When I first got my driving licensee my friends and I must have been on every street, alright almost every street in Boston.  We were on the other side of Fenway Park I knew that much at least after passing the Green Monster.  There were a lot of hospitals in this area.

We arrived at Ed’s Hospital.

Where were the Handicap parking spots I was counting on? I pulled up to an ambulance guy who was idly standing there doing nothing.  I explained that I was permanently disabled asking if he could help Ed into the ER?  He looked at me like I had two heads and no it was not a language thing obviously he  just was not about to help Ed into the ER.  My niece put her phone away deciding to help by running into the ER fetching a wheelchair.  Ed refused to get into the wheelchair proceeding under his own power using a walker he thought he would never use.  It was his walker!  Does this guy sound like someone you know? While Ed and my niece slowly made their way into the hospital I looked around for some Handicap Parking.  I can not even think of a hospital that I been to in the past few years without Handicap Parking near the Emergency Entrance, not that I frequent hospitals for emergencies for my self, but it makes it easier for me to access a hospital.  It reduce my risk of doing a Bambi between my vehicle and who ever I might be visiting in at a particular hospital.  The Handicap Parking was in a Garage about 100 yards away from the Emergency Entrance. I was glad it was not raining as I took a ticket to get into the parking garage.

Where was Ed’s wife?

I got a call telling me the reason they were not there yet was because my sister in-law was late telling my wife when to turn so they ended up on Mass. Ave. They used my GPS to get them to the hospital.  When  they finally arrived with Papa’s little girl, I was informed by my sister in-law in order to get my vehicle out of the garage I needed to get my parking pass validated which gave me a $5.00 discount off of the eight dollar charge only if I left right then an there.  So me and my little Honey (GPS) who helped me get home left the hospital leaving my wife there with her niece, sister and Ed’s granddaughter.

Today Ed decided to drive himself to the hospital for his Doctor visit.

I would have never finished this entry if I got the call to take him in.  I cringe at the thought but know it is the guy thing and his superstitious nature that I didn’t get the call. The appointment was at 11:00 it is now 12:48 as I write this.  My wife called shortly after 10:00 to tell me Ed was not answering his phone then finally getting through he told her to tell me “Thanks but no thanks.”  The reason he did not want me to take him in was because the one and only time I took him in was he ended up staying there. Does Ed sound like someone you know?

The Right Answers and How to Use Them

Is IM research harder than doing a paper for school?

When doing a paper for school some professors have done their own research and have what I call a canned agenda. They know what to expect for answers from you.  They also expect you to use their references which makes their job easier when correcting papers.  In some business management classes things are changing constantly and thanks to the internet they are changing at lightning speeds as new technology is developed daily.  Things like Business Calculus, Accounting and basic Management will not change much as far as their basic principles.  My answer to this question is YES.


When you have exhausted all of your resources including the school’s library, since it is included in your tuition, you must ask the professor.  In the IM world if you buy a product with all of the best resources at your finger tips you cannot contact the teacher.  You can reach an assistant or a reference page but you never get to talk to the person you bought the product from.  They have a good reason.  Your questions are boringly repetitious.  That is why when entering the IM world through a great product you must do what’s suggested by your teacher and ignore the onslaught of his obligation to peers and affiliates.  When finally making my decision to move into a $300.00 per unit product launch I should have stuck with my product but found my teacher’s peers too compelling to resist for free, what seemed to far better product as dated as some of it was.  Ignore what it will be like when your a success enough to give  back.  It is OK to dream but get real.  Think of the first product you developed bringing in $10.00 a day and when that is up and running do it again.

The best advise I got was from several Guru’s and including my wife.

1. Stop buying stuff.

2. Who ever you decide to be your mentor, teacher or Guru stick to their program.

I read about and saw video of people who spent tons of money to find out what I just told you.  I have done a quick calculation in my head and to date this year in the past six months I have spent $1500.00 more or maybe less.  I keep seeing products that are very compelling but $1500.00 is way out of my pocket.  I cannot afford $1500.00 a year on my minimum fixed income without putting my total income in jeopardy while trying to increase it.

Remember your primary goal is solve a problem for your CUSTOMER!

How My Trust In Technology Gave My Dog Three Extra Months

As the anniversary of my dog Stumpy’s death nears my thoughts of him grow.  He was a good boy he was the only member of my family that gave me the most respect.  He was the omen for my home, my first home.  When I believed in God the way everyone else does, I prayed if he let the deal on my house go through I would take Stumpy off the hands of a coworker that was going to put him to sleep.

11 years later what started out as a limp turned out to be the end of his normal functions.  He walked in circles for most of the day and was not responsive to us.

I sent an email to a Vet that makes house calls and said to myself when this Vet calls us we’ll put our boy down.  That call was in October and Stumpy was not getting any better we corralled him off in one room where he walked in clockwise circles.  He could not hear or see but had an instinct to eat and poop.  He would go anywhere any time we loved him to much to watch him suffer and to much to put him down.

In December my daughter was having troubles and decided to move in with us until she straightened out what ever problems she had.  She had just got a new puppy herself so it was quite an experience having a puppy with too much energy and a dog who needed to be put down.   We were waiting for the Vet to call us I gave him all the information in the email.

My daughter had experienced the loss of two dogs herself who were put down by the same Vet.  She knew Stumpy was part of the family but also knew what we did not want to admit and that was it was time to put him down.

When the Vet arrived he could see Stumpy was suffering and soon after he was finally at rest,

I asked the Vet if he got my email?

The Vet said, “Email…oh I don’t even know my password.”

What Makes Me Click ?

Even though David Duchovny and I share a similar addiction my real personal stuff is not going to be on this blog.   I know about AA but my addiction is not alcohol or substance abuse but could go under the internet addiction category.

In my early computer life, keep in mind building computers was a hobby, while others looked for cheap video games I was into finding the best Word Processor software.  Back then most Word Processor software sucked but that’s what I looked for at computer shows.  Hardware was my main reason for going to computer shows.  In the early days of IBM, companies who used IBM computers used their recommended software.  This is how I introduced myself to Ami Pro by Lotus.  I bought the software through a friend for $70.00 at work whose wife worked for Lotus in their factory in North Reading MA.

I used Ami Pro mainly because  it was used by most companies who invested in computers to run their business at that time.  I figured I could become a writer like Stephen King while I worked as an Electronic Technician.  This is definitely showing my age because Microsoft Windows was just becoming an industry standard as it is now and eventually I converted to Microsoft Word while having tons of my journal entries written in Ami Pro.   I would still be using Ami Pro today but one of the 27 floppy disk failed when re-installing it on a new system.  I had the latest version on CD but it would not install without the full version installed first.  Yes I did try dealing with their customer support but Lotus was having bigger problems than serving my needs.

What the heck does that have to do with what makes me click?

Writing Copy and using the Internet as a tool!

In the Morning I check my email and respond when I see Something Of Value.

This morning I got an email from Jeff Walker whose copy almost made me fall off of my chair as I laughed hysterically.

You know what happened next?

That’s right, It Made Me Click!

The reason for my laughter?  The link in the email I clicked on was expected but not from Jeff Walker.  If I didn’t add a Guru or two on my no send list I would have gotten more great copy as I do and did get what I expect.   Keep reading… it’s my goal to make you happy for stopping here. I thought he was giving me a swipe file.  He charges so much for his stuff I take what I can when I can.  He is great but not enough for me to invest that much, in.  I have gotten free IM products that blows away anything he does with a lot less chatting.  If I want chatter I’ll go back to UMass.  I pay big bucks for that.  If these guys are going to get you for the long term they have to show you the meat.  I have lots of meat from the Gurus and like I always say, “Don’t be like me and do nothing.”

Keep an eye on this blog because I will be using a method a Guru showed me on how to get motivated and it has lots to do with Marketing Copy.

Here They Come!!!

I know yesterday’s entry sucked!

Why do the good Gurus (Dorus) actually think they can get a grand and a half out of you?

You bought  their least expensive but most useful product, right?

Why then ?

They just know they can!

It is not an outsourced source who has access to the Guru’s list or has not done their job.

They just know the numbers.

They know you want to succeed and 90% will fail.  Only a certain % of you will try to get your refund because they know PRIDE and how it works.  They know you’re not going to run to your laid off buddies saying that program sucked because you’re convinced it was you that failed.  These Gurus put that your fault thing in there as a fail-safe to divert the blame so you keep the product.  After reading thousands of email copy I know who will survive and who will not.

Does anyone have the stats on the lay-off numbers joining the IM world? (hint someone should check) The number of new lay-of-fee’s just went up 50,000.  How many will be Rock Bottom candidates for programs that will guarantee income setting them back Only $1500.00?

I got laid off back in 1995 and it was not a good time to get into IM.  I was online with a cable connection and wish I knew then what I know now.  I do not remember being charged $1500.00 when I was hired to help the company I worked in for 23 years but I sure did get a great severance package when laid off.   Do you lay-of-fee’s have a severance package?  If you do You should invest it in an IM Guru.  They do not need your money they just want to make sure you’re committed.  No need to worry they’re guaranteed if you opt out within 30 days they gladly refund your money.

Don’t be like me and do nothing.

I like writing this stuff because I can be serious and sarcastic at the same.

I will be running a business come the first of the year using the Internet as a tool.  I’ll be going back to the drawing board thinking business, not of how nice it will be when I buy my yacht.  I’ll be taking a real close look at what my ROI is.  I did not spend thousands on what I know about the internet…wait a minute I did spend thousands on my college education which is approximately  1500.00 per class per semester at four classes each at 12,000.00 per year?   Mommy and daddy are not going to pay this I am the daddy.  I would love to be on a Guru’s payroll for the experience…wait another minute I do have the ability to be on their payroll and have got a ton of experience from them so sort of I am on their payroll or will be. This will be explained in future entries.

I just have to get over this partial dyslexia get off my but and just do it.

Internet Marketing What?

How do they do it?

I have to talk about the Gurus and the Dorus once again.  I have learned so much these past few months of course it is way too much to remember it all.   I have seen the ru’s, either or, do what I call lack of follow through.  I got a reason to why I have failed at the IM game so far but not exactly.   I see ru’s leave out comments that are not exactly rated X just not put it because it is the truth.  One of my favorite Guru’s puts his own comment’s in under different names but you can hear it is  him by what is written.

This is me!

If you are walking down the street in your new clothes that you made but they are invisible as thousands are raving how nice they are I to will say they are nice because without credibility how can I criticize.  Even though I know they will not listen because the crowd never said anything so to criticize would fall on deaf ears.

I Do Not Want to Be Negative

I know yesterday’s post sounded a bit negative.

That is not me!

I was trying to say how frustrating it is to start a business online and finding straight answers. I know I am why, I am not a success. We get in our own way some times, other times it is what goes on in our lives that stops us from gaining the rewards of success. I know my decision on the product I chose was the best of the Doru’s and I’ll keep using that description until someone calls me on it. I could be doing well if I was not watching what others do and stuck to the old adage,“Do as I say not what I do.”

I’m a Maverick. I would have my degree right now if it were not for my taking classes I preferred instead of what I needed for the assigned format of a Marketing degree. I did not know how to put that sentence any clearer.

Yesterday’s entry took several hours. This one is going a lot smoother because the truth has to be well thought out before it is written as was the case with yesterday’s entry. Unlike my personal journal that I keep it is not going to be read by the public; although I would love to put it here but friends and family might not agree on what my version verses their ‘s of the truth. Just as the IM people I have been seeing lately they have their version of the truth which varies.

It irks me how the product launch I bought into has more resourcefulness than most of them out there now. Brings me back to another analogy: The Three Puzzle Analogy which I take no credit for and anyone reading this please tell me where it came from it is the best way to put it. IM is like having three different puzzles with 500 pieces each that all look similar but they are not the same but they are all in the same box without a picture to build it with. Sound challenging? Got it? Just do it!

No I will not be more specific that that. I am going to build all three puzzles with or without the help of the Gurus and Dorus. One thing that should be clear is when I put the puzzles together it will be a step by step process which will be given to the public totally be free. I am sure I can find something that will pay me back so that I can afford to give back. I can not give back what I do not have.

Moving On And Where To GO

As my 59th birthday has come and gone I’ve come to realize that I will soon have been on this earth for 6 decades.  I know people half my age that don’t even know what a decade is.  I miss the quality of life I once had realizing now that I took it for granted.

I was given a perfect opportunity to write for a living but knowing how little there was to be made in that trade I opted for marketing on the internet where there was less. 

I know now you can say you are a writer but if you do not you cannot even make what little that there is to be made.

I read a lot more than I have in my younger days.  I find that a Kindle erases subconscious excuses not to read because of flipping through pages, bending the binding to make the book easier to hold or bending edges of the pages so that you  know where you were when you put the book down.

I almost gave up on the idea of being a writer but have been introduced to so many late comers to this field it would be a shame for me to forfeit my experience without letting the world know what I have learned and what has kept me in the ballgame all of these years.

I have pulled through today by making sure I made an entry here instead of my daily journal which is basically a sounding board that keeps me from seeing a shrink.  I may leak a personal problem or two but I think you would rather hear my brilliance or stupidity or what ever brought YOU here to read this for whatever reason.  But now is the time for me to move on from a sounding board to wherever this takes me.  I’m not sure of where I’m going but this is to let YOU know I’m back.